Saturday, July 20, 2013

Primitive Garden Blocks

I am moving along on the Primitive Garden Summer Blocks, and though not quite caught up yet, I am close.  All of the Summer Blooms blocks are done and the last two Words to Live By blocks are prepped and ready to stitch.  Hope that by the end of the weekend they will be completed, too.

Words to Live By Block 5 - Hospitality

Summer Blooms Block 5

Summer Blooms Block 6

Summer Blooms Block 7

I have taken time out to get a few more items crocheted for the Appalachian project, but still haven't depleted the stash of yarn yet.  I do have till the first of August, so there is hope.

4 More Caps and a Scarf

It seems, that with a garden it is either feast or famine.  The past couple of years we have had a drought, and this year, an over abundance of rain.  We are still getting veggies, but not the amount we had hoped for.  Obviously, it is what the good Lord intends for us to have.........and there is enough to share.

We have, once again, succeeded in breaking Bobbie and Snowflake of their broodiness, but neither have started back producing, so we are averaging two to four eggs per day.  They are enjoying being able to free range a bit in the garden most days.....and continue to be charmingly entertaining.

Blake and I bought this pretty orchid about eight years ago on a trip to South Carolina where we visited a greenhouse that grew violets and orchids.  It has bloomed faithfully, once a year, ever since.  The blooms usually last about 3 - 4 months.  I really need to repot it after this time, but I am afraid I will kill it.

That is about it for tonight.  Want to get back to work on my blocks.

Air conditioning in our home and cars.
Free long distance calls.
Chicken antics.

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  1. Nice going on the blocks! The finishing kit for the freebie is fabulous! I must get caught up stitching these blocks! lol! :-) Now I am wondering what the finishing kit for the big blocks will look like? Anticipation... ;-)