Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disappearing 4-Patch Mini

What constitutes a UFO?  This little quilt, the January challenge from Kathleen Tracy at Collector With A Needle, had been lingering in the stack of projects yearning to be finished since January.  Does that make it a UFO??....I think so.  The best excuse is that the Bernina I most like to stitch on has been in the shop for the better part of the past seven months (and even after two trips to the factory is still not fixed and must go back again....don't get me started). At any rate, it is now finished, hanging and I really like it.
A rather dark photo, but you get the idea.

Tomorrow I will take on my newest kitchen "toy".
A new Dehydrator. I will be trying out some of the peaches we bought yesterday. I already know that I adore dried apple rings for snacking, and I have bell peppers and herbs from the garden 
to dehydrate.  Any hints or suggestions?

 Take Care,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This and That

One of the things I accomplished this month was binding this great sampler quilt. The quilt, the 2013 Country Threads BOM, was a joint effort. Debi made all of the main blocks (she misunderstood the directions and made two sets of blocks....lucky me got the extras). I made all of the 1/2 square triangles, set it together and added borders, then she quilted it and I bound it.  It will be my new snuggle quilt, a reminder of a sweet friendship.

Today Blake and I took a much needed break, starting with lunch with a fave, Mexican food.  Then rambling around the Georgia countryside, ending up in Hollanville with a big bag of Georgia peaches and a yummy peach ice cream cone at this farm stand. Yum!

At our last Sew Crazy meeting, we finished up 31 more dog beds. 

Since Tenderheart Rescue had all of the beds they needed for awhile, Newnan Coweta Humane Society was thrilled to be chosen as our next recipient.  In that very day they had just sprung seven dogs from the shelter who were on the euthanasia list, and they needed beds as they awaited transport to their fosters. Here is the photo they sent...
This is Leroy Brown, and guys like this are why we have made close to 175 dog beds this year. How can we not??  Thanks to everyone who donated the makings...and keep them coming.

This is a sample of what I have been working on in our yard. 
A total redo of our front garden beds. Since we moved here, the trees have grown so much that what were sunny areas are now shade and the sun loving plants were no longer addition, the whole area had become overgrown.  The rock borders, made with rock rescued from my daughter's yard revamp, are now around about half the bed. Still lots of work ahead, but already so much nicer.

The sentiment of every dog lover....

Take Care,

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just Popping In

Between gardening, yard work and preserving the garden's bounty, there has been little time for blogging. There has been a little stitching, but I will share that another day.

Macy made a request to spend the night and make dog bandanas for their sweet pup, Bear.  Of course, that meant a quick trip to Joann's for appropriate fabric, and then on to stitching.

She did a great job using my little Janome Gem. 

Doesn't Bear just look so handsome? And can you believe he is only five months old!

He has a whole new wardrobe.....baseballs, camo with dog bones, Georgia Bulldogs, and the cute Aqua with dog bones that he is wearing.

Best of all, fun memories made with a sweet granddaughter!

Now, off to put up peas and tomatoes.

Take Care,

Friday, July 3, 2015

Caraway Rug Show 3

This will be the last of the rug show that I will post, though by far, not all of the rugs displayed.

Eric Sandberg's wonderful Oriental, hooked from his worm bags over a period of many years.

Diane Gill's original rug design based in an antique coverlet....this one hooked by Diane.....
And this version hooked by her sister, Mary.

Sheri Bennet's Log Cabin based on a quilt pattern. Great choice of colors.

Really cute little milking  application of design to stool with upholstery tacks. Hooker not known.

Star Runner...Designed and hooked by Sally Kallin.

Grandmother's Rug designed and hooked by Sally Kalin.

This happy rug was hooked by Jan King, designer unknown.

This wonderful rug was hooked by Robin Rhoades for her son.

Another Sally Kalin rug.

The Dancers, an adaptation of a Renoir by Karen Whidden.  Amazing.

A great adaptation of an antique rug....hooker unknown.

Hope you enjoyed.

Take Care,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Caraway Rug Show Day 2

Here goes on Day 2 of Caraway Rug Show. I took LOTS of photos and still didn't get every rug. This may take days!

Santa pillows hooked by Diane Chipman, pattern by Tish Murphy. Gorgeous!

Another great Tish Murphy Santa hooked by PatcWilson.

Adore this chicken rug by Margaret Woody. Don't know whose pattern it is.

Lovely fine cut by John Leonard.

How could you not live this cat hooked by Kathy Spellacy?

When Pigs Fly. Pattern by Elizabeth Black, hooked by Joan Wray. So cute.
Queen of Sheepa, hooked by Suzie Anderston. These colors make my heart sing.

Mother and Calf hooked by Mary Beth Black. Gorgeous textures.

This fun lion was hooked by Natalie Tekkman, design by Sharon Smith.

Beautiful primitive rug....hooker & designer unknown.

Another nice primitive....unknown.

Great Christmas themed prim hooked by Deste Authorton, pattern by Maggie Bonanomi.

Okay, enough for this post.

Great advice....

Take Care,

Caraway Rug School

Last week was my tenth trip to Caraway Rug School in North Carolina. It is always a great week, and this time was no exception. Many thanks to Eric Sandberg, all of the camp staff and Tricia Travis, teacher extraordinaire.

The rug show was exceptional and I want to share a part of it with you. I will do my best to credit when possible....some I just can't remember and can't read the tags.

This gorgeous rug was by Jan King. Wonderful detail and color choices. 

Mary Pasquerette  hooked this lovely rug, Porter's House, by Norma Batastini.  Just love the pink hills.

Nada Lind hooked the same pattern, different colors. Her house just glows.

Wish you could see the detail of this wonderful rug...a depiction of Charleston. It is an original design and was hooked by Kathy Cowart.

This clever rug is by Tricia Travis, my teacher.

Love this jolly Santa.....don't know who created him.

Another great pattern by Norma Batastini. Unsure of the hooker.

Hall of Justice, designed and hooked by the talented Diane Gill.  The background technique adds tremendous texture to this rug.

Merry Christmas, an adaptation of an antique postcard by Tricia Travis.  Such beautiful, soft colors.

Charming little landscape hooked by Tricia Travis to show that you can use textures effectively to create these small pieces.

This is probably enough for tonight. More later.

Take Care,