Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trying to catch up........

But not all in one post.  It has been over a month since I last blogged.  I don't know where the time went.......and I won't try to catch up all at once, so this post may be a bit of a hodge podge of goings on.

Just got back from Caraway Rug eighth year, and as usual, I had a ball.  I really got a lot done.  But more on that in a later post.

On my frame at the moment is a crazy chicken rug by the name of "Hen and House" by M. Shaw.  I love it, even though it is a bit out of the box for me.  I used Sari Silk for the wings, tail and flowers and did a chain stitch with wool for the legs and feet.  It will be great for my mud room....I have the perfect spot.  I started it just before rug camp and am trying to finish it before I go on to finish my camp rugs.  I only lack a bit of the hill and part of the border.

My sister and I celebrated a late birthday in May (both of our birthdays are in April, but we celebrate when we can).  She and my niece came up and we had a fun day of plunking......yard sales, antique shops and a good lunch.

Ashley celebrated her 38th birthday in June and we gathered here for our usual home cooked dinner of choice and birthday cake.

The garden is producing a bounty and we are thoroughly enjoying eating, preserving and sharing it.  There is nothing quite like your own fresh produce.  As I sat on my front porch yesterday snapping beans for dinner, I was drawn back to my childhood.........sitting on Mama and Papa Vickers' front porch glider in the hot summer afternoons snapping beans, shelling peas and listening to the grown ups talk.  Sweet.

The cosmos that came up volunteer in my cutting bed are so pretty.......but they have totally choked the zinnias I planted out :-(

It seems that the warm winter and the copious amounts of acorns produced a bumper crop of squirrels....all of which are eager to share the feeders with the birds.  And most of which are clever enough to figure out the squirrel resistant ones as well.  This little guy figured this one out in short order.  I had to laugh.........

Sweet Success :-)

On the weaving front, I finished my first runner and it now resides on my kitchen china cabinet.  I am pleased with the results, though it is not perfect.  This photo shows it a little redder than it is.

On the class loom, I have started an overshot runner.  This is my first overshot, and I am hooked.  It is fun and lovely.

I hope to warp Miss May with something easy to work on at home soon.

This is about enough for this post!!


The feel of fiber in my hands.
The giddy laughter of friends.
Peach cobbler and ice cream.
The back porch swing.

Take care,