Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Blessings

Feeling so blessed and grateful.....Hope all of you can also count your blessings on this Thanksgiving day!

Take Care,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Turkey Time

In keeping with the holiday spirit, and with the guidance of the oh so talented Debi, the Sew Crazies crafted turkeys on Tuesday. Laughter, wool, pine cones, was great fun. And we all had something to take home!!

Giving thanks in even the little things.
Acorns crunching beneath my feet.
An old dog learning to play.

Take Care,

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grandparents' Day

Yesterday was Grandparents' at Macy and Jackson's elementary school. That means lunch and the Book Fair. How clever of them to schedule the Book Fair in conjunction with Grandparents ' Day...LOL. Anyway, I was privileged to be the "chosen" grandparent to attend for both of them. It was a fun day of memory making.

Jackson looking over his new books in the car.....looking so handsome with his new haircut.

Macy chose a craft book with supplies to make little Pom Pom animals. How cute is this!

Macy also had to write a three step essay about how she would save the Thanksgiving turkey from becoming dinner.  Here it is......

Got to love this girl......who knows her Mimi so well :-)).....and perhaps thinks a bit like her.....

The innocence of childhood.
Sharing in little lives.
Nurturing schools.

Take Care,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

God Bless the USA......

And all of those who served and continue to do so.  Thank you seems far too little.

My dear husband, Blake, retired from the US Army after 22 years of service. He was awarded the Bronze Star while serving in Vietnam.  When you ask him what he did, his response is unfailingly, "My job".  And that is his attitude, humble, service oriented....a gentle giant with an unexpected sense of humor. I am blessed to live my life with this man.

These are the recipients of the Sew Crazies' Quilts of Valor that were presented locally.

 Mark Allen, Veteran of Iraqi and Afghanistan wars and injured in Afghanistan.

Richard Morris, Korean War combat veteran.

John Stanish, a Merchant Marine veteran of WWII.

David M. Cola, a Veteran of the Vietnam War,

I feel so blessed and humbled to have had a small part in being able to honor these American heroes.
Has me busy planning the next QOV.

Each and every one of the men and women who have served and presently serve this great country.
The USA.
The Great God upon whom this country has its foundation.

Take Care,

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Nothing Exciting

Nothing exciting happening here. I am keeping my nose to the grindstone, working diligently on Snowmen A-Z.  I am working on block K/L now. The next block, M, is the halfway point.

Last night when I was unable to sleep, I caught up on Little Letters, and then added the "S" after it posted today.

Prior to starting the Snowmen stitching marathon, I had started "Donder and Bitzen". It was a kit by Jan Patek purchased several years ago. I lack part of the first border, and the second one, which has appliquéd stars. Should be able to finish it before Christmas.

This cute little wool pumpkin was a gift from Laura and Kathie, who made about a gazillion of them as table decor for the Hook In.

This is what Roxie spends much of her day doing.
At 15 1/2, I guess she is due. She has learned to play a bit with Daisy....which is surprising. She has always been one of those dogs who really didn't play much....with people or other dogs.

Buddy has learned to eat in the presence of the other dogs, which is something he never did in the eleven months at his foster home. 

Sara Ashley and her dad love to go hunting together. She got a large doe last weekend. She knows to spare me the details, but I understand that she is a good shot.

Love nudges from Buddy.
Roxie's old body snuggled close in the bed.
The splendor of Fall.

Take care,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dogwood ATHA Guild Fall Hook In

A week late getting these posted, but the offerings were too good not to share.  Our home group, The Wool Gatherers, were hostesses for the event.....and even if I do say so, was a great day.

The theme for the event was "It's Not a Rug".  Here is our table of hooked items which are not rugs....

Dear friends Diane, Laura and Kathie were among our vendors.

One of Diane's gorgeous coverlet rugs.

Her newest design, using reverse hooking in the background. This technique is taught in Kathie Meyers' new finishing book.

Two rugs of Kathie's design which also use her finishing techniques.

Laura's adorable burlap bags with her wool appliqué.

Following are a few of the members' rugs. I will credit the ones that I remember, and apologize for those I don't.

German Santa by Shirley Dillard.

My Aquarium by Chris Johnson.

Vermont Village by Diane Gill.

Hooked by Sheri Bennett. I believe the pattern is from Need'l Love.

Unsure of name of pattern, I think this was hooked by Barbara Springer.

A Lib Callaway pattern by Nancy Diegal.

Hooked by Barbara Estridge.

Maggie B design hooked by Paula Wexler.

Chickadees, Pris Butler design, by Caroline Warren.

These were just a few of the wonderful rugs displayed. Wish I had photos of all of them. Hope you enjoyed the Hook In!

A day of rest.
Warm cookies, fresh from the oven.
My Sunday School class.

Take care,