Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Not Quite Ready

The Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving decor is in the tubs and ready for next year, but it is a little too early for me to haul out the Christmas decor. As I put my decorations away, I realized they had never debuted on my blog. I know everyone is tired of seeing Fall decor, but I am going to post anyway. Just sign off if you can’t bear seeing another thing. 

Skinny pillows:

These are so stinking cute that I couldn’t stop making them. Easy, too.

Wool applique:

I am doing one a month of these fun stitches. Fall is a squirrel, but I am waiting on Rick rack to arrive on the slow boat from China so he won’t debut till next year. Santa is almost ready. They are attached with magnets glued to the backs for easy change out. 

This little mat is slightly bigger than my hand and was a kit from Maggie B’s club years ago at Country Sampler. Am going to try to work through them over the next few months. 

Cross Stitch:

I had posted the birds before, but just got around to fully finishing it. The Halloween small is one of my favorites. 

I need to press poor Louisa, but I am getting pretty close to a finish on her. 

I’ve stitched fourteen Prairie Schooler Santa’s over the past couple of years. This one is the latest. Plan to finish them soon…I bought a special tree for them, so that is my incentive to get them done. 

These Blackbird Designs stockings were stitched by me and sent to Faye Rigsbee @carolinastitcher for finishing. They fit in the palm of my hand. I am in love with them and plan to stitch more….they have monthly leaflets for lots of them. 

Daisy and Casper got groomed last week and arrived home exhausted.

Christi and John got married♥️♥️♥️

And Macy(on left) won Most Improved for her first year running Cross Country!!

Baby, it’s cold outside….

Happy Thanksgiving and Take Care,

Thursday, October 21, 2021

No Better

Well, I was doing better with blogging more regularly, and now a month has passed by. Good grief. Well, at any rate, here we go.

Finished this cute rug, Pumpkin Ride, in another class with Lisanne. 

It is blocked and just needs to be bound. Need to do that so that I can enjoy it for Fall. 

This cute stitch, Good Intentions by Kathy Barrick, will be finished soon. 

Didn’t need to start another project, but this one had been calling my name for awhile. 

Kitty Corn will not be a wrap for Halloween this year, but I am making a little progress. 

This English paper pieced project has been planned for a long while. It is from a Quiltmania book, and I believe it is called Feathering the Nest. 

The centers are from a modern line of barkcloth. The fabric it is on will actually be the next row of hexies which will serve to join the current set. In the book, this joining tow was embellished with beautiful embroidery, but that won’t be happening here. Friend Laura has also started this one and we are working on it together.

Macy bested her time by over two minutes at the most recent cross country meet!!

Sara Ashley was home from college for Fall Break last week.

Good advice.

Take Care,

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Another Rainy Day

We have had so much rain here. Pretty much all summer, and now. I shouldn’t complain, because we generally don’t have enough. But I would like to do some yard work now that it’s cooled off. It won’t likely happen this week,as it looks as though it will continue to rain for several more days. Oh well, that means that I can stitch more. 

I have finally finished First Grade Flowers. I love this rug!!

Everything except the background is from my worms. You can’t tell that I used a single thing out of that basket. But I have another scrap rug going up next. This one has been blocked and will hopefully get bound this week. Determined to get some things fully finished. 

I am hoping to get this cute quilt done in time to enjoy for Halloween. 

My progress, thus far. Thirty three of the required ninety  9 patches done and the strip sets done for the rest. 

These fabrics are so stinking cute. 

Stitched Autumn by Country Rustic Primitives on a mystery linen. I think it is 32 count. 

Now to make it into a Pinkeep for my Fall decor(which is still in tubs in the garage😬).

Here is my progress on Louisa Coulimore. 

I am pretty happy with this. 

This is where I was not so long ago. I am over half done now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m not in a rush. Besides, I am down to the fun stuff now. 

It is Sampler September on Instagram. So what do I have the urge to stitch????

Yes, Prairie Schooler Santas. Just can’t help myself. There is something so classic about these guys. 

We celebrated little Casper’s third gotcha year this week. 

How lucky we are to have had the privilege of rescuing this sweet, smart boy. 

Friday was Parents’ Day at Sara Ashley’s sorority at Clemson. 

Christi, SA and Christi’s fiancé, John. Yes, we are excited for them. A November wedding is planned as that will be the anniversary of dating a year. SA and Robert like him. and Rob’s mom introduced them to each other. 

I recognize this🤣🤣🤣

Take Care,

Monday, September 13, 2021

A New Week

Time certainly flies and it is hard to believe that it’s already mid September! How did that happen? The days are getting shorter and there is the tiniest hint of Fall in the air. I can hardly wait for my favorite season to arrive. 

Blake and I are busy this week helping with exhibit check ins for our county fair. Covid caused last year’s fair to be cancelled , and I feared it would be the same this year. But, alas, it is moving forward. It is fun to check in the exhibits each year and see what everyone is up to. Lots of inspiration.  On Wednesday I will be on the judging team for Youth Handicrafts. Not an easy job, as they mostly work hard on their items and I hate to disappoint. 

I have finally finished hooking Woodland Santa aside from a little tweaking of the eye on the right. 

Next comes the job of figuring out how to finish the back in order to fit him on the nice easel stand that friend Laura’s husband made. 

Next up I completed the wool applique cat hanging. 

I wish that I had used a flat strip of wood rather than the round dowel to make him lay flat. Next time…,

Got the first Stacy Nash club piece in the mail from Country Sampler. Along with the cute pedestal for mounting. 

It looks like fun and is beautifully kitted…as is everything from Country Sampler. 

Our garden is done for the season barring the okra, which always comes in late. 

There’s plenty for eating and freezing. 

It’s hard to believe that this sweet boy has been with us for three full years!!

Thanks for visiting and….
Take Care,

Friday, September 3, 2021

Hello Again

Yes, I am trying to up the ante on posting, so here we go. 

Hope none of you have been adversely affected by the storms and rain. We had some wind and about five inches of rain, but nothing to speak of compared to other parts of the country. 

Since “crotchiting” SA’s bag, I have been in the mood for more crochet. Nothing fancy, mind you. But my friend, Laura, and I made fall pumpkins. 

They were fun and relatively easy….which is my skill level. I guess that crochet was the first needleart skill I learned. My step grandmother taught me at age ten, though I don’t remember crocheting much more than a chain at that point. 

I had bought this pattern and the aqua fabric for it at a Hook In many years ago. The other day, I pulled it out and started it. The pattern called for a quilt like setting with borders and fall leaves, but that didn’t much appeal to me. I had all of these circles for pennies that I had purchased at the same Hook In, so I started adding them and thought it provided a touch of whimsy. 

I have a plan for finishing, which hopefully will happen sooner rather than later. 

I had stitched this Quaint Lady (from the Dyeing to Stitch club) last year and just never finished it off. Sent this one off to Faye, and I love the finishing and will now enjoy it all Fall.

Ever since Lisa (@frenzy fingers on Instagram) invited me to join her to stitch #redthreadwithafriend, I have made good progress on Louisa Coulimore by Hands Across the Seas Samplers. The plan is to stitch at least one thread a day on a red sampler in order to steadily move forward on it.
Let me tell you, it has worked!! Since July 13, I have moved from 2 rows finished to 13!!! This was where I started…

And this is last night, as I am starting row 14!!! This is a reproduction of a Bristol Orphan Sampler. They have a very interesting history which you can read about here .

Jackson’s team won the local Flag Football championship for their age group in our county. 

This will be his last year playing, which makes me a little sad. At twelve he is already taller than my 5’4”.

Where does the time go??

Take Care,

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Goodbye August

Hard to believe that summer is almost done. It has been a much cooler and wetter summer than we have seen in a very long time. I’m not complaining. 

I have been thinking about what keeps me from blogging as often, and the main thing is having photos of what I am working on ready to use. I have decided that I need to be easier on myself and just use what I have. Popping in more frequently is better than a bunch of pics. And they certainly aren’t Instagram quality, but they are real. So, I will give a go at being easier on myself. 

Here is where I am on Woodland Santa….

That little bit of snow beside the beard is too bright white and will have to go. I am obviously procrastinating on starting his face. But I am pretty happy with my progress. 

This little fully finished xstitch is Gather by Pineberry Lane.

I received it as a part of the Quaint Lady club last year at Dyeing to Stitch.  It was beautifully finished by Faye Rigsbee. 

These little Blackbird Designs Christmas stockings have also been sent off to Faye for finishing, 

Fun little stitches. Can’t wait to see them all finished. 

Macy ran her first 5K with her HS Cross Country Team on

She not only finished, but had a decent time. And then she tested positive for Covid on Monday. So far she only has a headache and congestion. Since I stayed with her on Saturday night and Sunday, I am exposed. Fortunately I am vaccinated and feeling fine. 

Bid Day for Sara Ashley’s sorority. 

And Ashley is ready for her first grade class. 

Rob would have been fifty this month. Sure do miss this guy. 

So true♥️

Take Care,