Monday, May 31, 2021

Friday, May 28, 2021

Back Again

I am trying really hard to get into the swing of posting more often. That being said, I am back again. And since I am way behind on taking photos of my xstitch projects, I have adequate content for a good many posts.

I am slowly making progress on several things, but the this has kept us in the yard and vegetable garden. We are trying to get things done before it gets so hot and humid that it’s miserable to be outside. Here are a couple of things we have blooming....

There’s been a little progress on the Buttermold rug.

I finally got two of my Easter xstitch projects fully finished.
This one was a freebie from Whilst Iris Naps and is called Bunnies and Hearts.

It was stitched on 32 ct Petit Point linen with stash floss, backed in this cute cotton print and embellished with pink rick rack and a 2021 charm. 

This is Stacy Nash’s Spring Flowers, which came as a kit in this sweet little box. 

I coffee dyed both front(after stitching) and backing as per instructions, which was a little scary, but I ended up liking the results.  Once again, I added a 2021 charm. Both are stuffed with wool snippets.

The next three finishes are ready to wing their way to Faye Rigsbee (@carolinastitcher) for fully finishing. 

This is Gather, from last year’s Quaint Lady Club at Dyeing to Stitch (by Pineberry Lane). I stitched it in the Fall of 2019.

I used whatever was kitted, but can’t recall the specifics.

This is Grand Old Flag Pinkeep by Heartstring Samplery.

Stitched on a mystery 36 ct linen and partly called for overdyes with some substitutions. It was a fast stitch that I started and finished last week.

This pin drum is from the Blackbird Designs Sewing Club book. I started it on the Instagram Blackbird Designs  weekend SAL (now occurring on the first weekend of each month)which is sponsored by Brenda and Laura of Flosstubes fame, Brenda and the Serial Starter. 

It is stitched on the called for 40 ct Sanguine and using called for overdyed floss. I enjoyed it so much that I stitched it for a few more evenings and finished it. The small stitch on the right is the top of the drum.

Jackson, our youngest grandson, turned twelve on Thursday. The family celebrated at a local pizza restaurant.

Take Care,

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Lots Going On

Hello, folks. I really didn’t think I had enough photos to blog, but I was wrong! Here we go.....

I took a three day Zoom class with Lisanne Miller again. This time we are hooking the old Buttermold pattern, but giving it a touch of our modern ways. I love hooking this type of pattern, as it is like hooking many small patterns and you feel quite accomplished with each one. 

My progress thus far.

And a couple of close ups. Except for the backgrounds, I am hooking entirely from worms or scraps. If the wool strip is too wide, I just cut it down with my scissors. Cuts range from 4 - 8.5.

First grade Flowers had to be on break while I took this class.

Next up, I finished the Ready for Spring (Woolen Willow) top, and as soon as I make a backing it will be ready to head to the longarm quilter.

As you can see, my setting is quite different from the pattern(below). For my personal taste, I just found the setting to be distracting, so I went with sweet and simple and I really like it. My colors are more in line with Fall than Spring,
The outside borders are an old Blackbird Designs fabric. All fabrics for this sweet quilt from stash. Can you see me smiling?

This arbor never fails to amaze and please me.

I am sure I post a pic of it every year. Please bear with me...hahaha. Also, see a peak of last year’s Christmas amaryllis to the right. It had six beautiful, big flowers. 

We had lots of family goings on...

Macy’s fifteenth birthday......

Robert’s twenty second birthday (how did that happen???)...

Loved his cake. He is a huge cat lover and has two very pampered kitties of his own.

And Mother’s Day.....

Take Care,

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Another Week

Yet another week has record speed as usual. How does retirement time go by in record speed, while our work weeks seemed to creep by. 

I will share some of what was accomplished this week.

First Grade Flowers showed a little progress.

While I would love to hook all of those cute posies first, I know that I don’t want to have to go back and hook all of that background. 

Next I fully finished these sweet cross stitch bowl fillers. 

I had finished the cross stitch the week of Easter, but didn’t get around to fully finishing them. I will leave them out year around. The pattern is by Country Rustic Primitives on Etsy. 
They are stitched on an 18 ct Aida from Hobby Lobby with some DMC from stash, then sprayed with distressing spray from Primitive Gatherings. Aida isn’t my normal choice to stitch on, but I wanted to show my friend that you can stitch on something besides linen and still get a great result. 

I didn’t need another project, but when I saw this cute sew along from 
Jeni at the Woolen Willow, I couldn’t resist. 

The first three blocks are completed....

And the remaining six are prepped and ready to stitch. Everything from my stash. 

That top wonky flower block is so cute that I could make a whole quilt using it. 

I collect wall favorites are bird and dog themed. I found this cutie while out antiquing recently. 

Jackson’s baseball team won another tournament last weekend. 

These boys love to play ball. 

Take Care,

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

It’s Spring!!

It’s Spring and that means lots going on around here. Mostly in the yard and garden. Which means not as much stitching. 
I struggle with that, as I want to be gardening and stitching, but if I garden all day, I am too tired to stitch or hook at night. 

Here are a few shots from the garden....

Prudence is hooked and up for blocking and binding.

She was a joy to hook, but I didn’t make a dent in my worm baskets. 
Next scrappy rug up is First Grade Flowers....

The flowers(blue), centers (gold), and stems/leaves(green) will all be from the worm baskets. The background is the leftover white plaid (cotton) from Prudence. 

There has been some xstitch and wool applique as well, but no pics...later.

I celebrated a birthday this month...

This photo was from DGD’s IG post. Got to love that sweet girl.
Then my Sister celebrated, as well.

This was our first family event with my sister since Covid as she resides in an assisted living facility. We are all vaccinated now. 

So that’s it for now.

Take Care,

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Back Again

It is unusual for me to have more than one post in a month, much less in a week. However, that is the case. You see, I had snapped a few pics in preparation for a blog post when the tornado hit.  Thus, you have the intended post now.

There is progress on Prudence. 

What fun this is to hook. Someone commented that it didn’t look scrappy. Here is the motif that I am currently hooking. You can definitely see that it is scrappy. 

This is the background wool. A great light plaid called Cotton. I am not a huge fan of light backgrounds, but I love how this ones makes the motifs pop.

While cleaning out my quilting fabric closet, I came across this bin of strings.
My inclination was to toss them, but then I remembered these blocks.  (Why does this never fail to happen???)

Anyway, I loved them when I made the first three. So I made another. Now I have a plan. And when I complete that plan, I will toss whatever is left. 

I finished this quilt top a couple of years ago and just got around to taking it to the longarmer. Now it is bound and on the couch, ready for us to enjoy. 

Thought you might enjoy seeing my newest collection along with the little cross stitch pillow I made to go with them. 

The chart is by Brenda Gervais/With Thy Needle and Thread  using the called for floss and I really can’t recall the linen. Faye Rigsbee, Carolina Stitcher, did the finishing. Love how bright and cheery these are. 

Here is Sara Ashley at a fraternity formal in Savannah. 

And Jackson’s Confirmation Class on Sunday. 

Can you relatešŸ„“

Take Care,