Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Another Hot One

We shouldn’t be talking about the heat in May, but I shouldn’t complain. We could be faced with flooding and tornadoes. God bless those folks that are.

Another couple of mornings spent outside and an afternoon with some me time resulted in progress on the Rose rug. I switched to my larger floor frame and not only does it give me additional working surface, but allows me to see more around the areas where I am hooking. My short arms don’t allow me to hook all the way at the top of the frame, but I can get pretty close.
Yesterday’s progress....

Finishing the big leaf, the two smaller leaves and some more background.  Will move down on the rug before I move forward with hooking.

I thought of working on Liberty Periodical today. But when faced with this....

I just walked on past. I have to tackle this soon. 

Jackson turned ten and we celebrated at Partners Pizza. 

And I couldn’t be prouder of these two cousins. 

Sara Ashley completed her Junior year of HS with High Honors (GPA of 95 or better). And Macy completed 7th grade on the all A Honor Roll and received the President’s Award.  Think that they deserve some down time.

 Does this seem familiar?

Take Care,

Monday, May 27, 2019

What’s Going On

I have always been happiest and most productive when working on MANY projects at once. I joke about having crafter’s ADD.  An hour or so at one project and I am on to the next. It has been my MO for years. But over the past couple of weeks, I have found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed. What’s going on? Is it my age, the reality that I truly cannot, in this lifetime, complete all of those projects? I am not sure, but I know what I am feeling and I don’t think that I can ignore it. Now, when I say that I am going to focus on fewer projects, and you see my list, you might laugh. But honestly, this is what I think I am comfortable with. I am going to give it a try for the month of June. And I am not going to say that I am finishing a particular project, just focusing on it. And if I do finish it, I will move on to something else in that category. So here goes...
Rug hooking....

Today I tweaked the left edge of the Doily Rug. Tomorrow I will block it, and then I will zig zag the edges and start binding. It won’t be finished in time for my One Monthly Goal, but it is close and I know that I can finish in time to take it to Caraway for the rug show the third week in June.
And speaking of Caraway, this was last year’s class rug, Wilton Rose Heroic....Thank you Jeanne Benjamin, my teacher. 
This is last Friday.....

And this is yesterday. The last big rose (the most difficult part of the pattern) is now in. 

Today I hooked more background and started a large leaf. 
These are the two hooking projects I will focus on. 

My sit at the sewing machine and piece quilt project will be Pecking Order, and this is where that stands..

All of the gazillion individual blocks are made and ready for assembly.

My appliqué quilting project is Month Four of Liberty Periodical. It also has a very simple pieced Block with it. I haven’t started either yet. 

The EPPing project that I chose is this simple hexie project with Liberty hexies around the green cotton. 
Most of the Liberty hexies are already prepped. I probably won’t move this one forward much. 

I have completed 3 rows of the 9 that I think it needs to be a nice lap quilt.

And finally, my interest has gone back in time to cross stitching. I think that Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) and Julia just might be responsible. Long ago when I did some serious purging of my cross stitch projects, this kit was one that escaped. When I retired 8 years ago, I vowed that this was one of the first things that I would do. And I did make a start....

I completed the alphabet and the plain border outline, then laid it aside.

Now I am about 2/3 done. I am able to stitch on it at night in front of the TV.

So, that is where I see myself for June. I will just have to see if it helps my frame of mind. 

We have been trying to get some yard/garden work done, but it has been above 90 for the past few days...meaning we getup early and have to stop by noon. 
Here are a couple of beauties in my garden....

Well, this has been quite enough for one post!!

Take Care,

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Tricia Travis Class

Last week our Dogwood ATHA Guild hosted a great workshop with the very talented and genuinely nice Tricia Travis. We took a class photo, but no one has shared it yet, so you’ll just have to settle for our rugs.

Some I remember the Hooker for, some not. But they were all great! And we had so much fun. That is important, right?


Not sure??

Also, not sure.












And mine.

I think that we accomplished a lot for 3 days and a class of 19!! Many kudos to Tricia for powering through and helping us to plan great rugs in addition to teaching us a lot.

Take Care,

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Finish Line

I am down to the finish line on the Doily Rug. 

It really isn’t darker on one end, that was a shadow from where I photographed it. I think that I might add a little more black around the left hand border to balance it a bit better. Now to steam and get it bound. Not my favorite part( insert a big whine here).

The Sew Crazies were here yesterday. 
Debi had made this cute wall hanging from the goodies in her Sew Sampler box.

And Sandra has cross stitched this pretty piece as a door prize for her family reunion.

She obviously loves her family...lol.

Casper found a comfy place to nap while the ladies stitched and talked....

And, yes, the corner of my hooking room does look that bad. And I don’t foresee it getting better in the near future. I really need to have a closet built.

One of our native azaleas in bloom.


Take Care,

Monday, May 20, 2019

ATHA Dogwood Hook In

Saturday was our Spring Hook In. There were lots of ladies, just a few vendors, some wonderful rugs and a presentation on antique rugs by Tricia Travis. 

I am sharing some of the lovely rugs from the rug show. I tried to get all of the labels in the photos. Unfortunately, the writing isn’t very dark.

Great rugs, right? Hard to pick a favorite. So many techniques and sizes, even a cute foot stool.

My beautiful violet...don’t know her name, but each bloom is the size of a quarter. I have had her for years.

She needs repotting, but blooms better when root bound.

Such truths...

Take care,