Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back to the list..........

Today it was back to my list.  I had decided that I would finish the Primitive Garden block for the month, Watering Can.  I have been working on the stitching on this block intermittently for most of the month.....I had fused it last month (thank goodness).  I thought I would never finish.  It is a really nice block, but lots of work.

My plan for Primitive Garden for April is to prep the remaining blocks in the set (not the borders, those will come later).  That will be a major undertaking, but I will be able to make good progress on the blocks after that.  It is just easier to prep several at once when you have the lightbox and fusible out....production line, so to speak.

Love Letters has seen some progress so far this month.  All of the setting pieces and borders are cut, and the nine patches for the setting are all made.  Will it be a top by the end of the month???  Probably not, but I am making progress.

Blake's quilt..........Honoring the Confederacy.......came back from the LA quilter yesterday.  I finished the top last year, so it will be really nice to get this one on the finished list.  Tonight I made the binding and did the machine stitching.  Hopefully I will get the hand stitching done this weekend and then post a photo of the completed quilt!

The Sew Crazies met today for lunch and stitching.  Lots of laughter and friendship there.

While I was at Sewn with Luv for our meeting, I donated the 48 string blocks to the Heartstrings group.
Several of us "Crazies" plan to start joining the Heartstrings girls at their monthly stitching day in April.

As the result of having a child with learning differences and realizing the unexpected blessings that come about, along with the challenges, Christi has felt God calling her to write a book to share her blessings, as well as those of others who are living with and loving their learning challenged children.
In conjunction with this journey, she has started to blog.  We invite you to share with her at A Journey of Unexpected Gifts.  And please keep her in your prayers that she is able to clearly see and follow God's will in this endeavor.

Going to a Sacred Harp Singing in the morning, so I had best get to bed.

A daughter who is willing to step out in faith.
The camaraderie of stitching buddies.
Yeast rolls.

Take care,

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I can't believe it.......I am thrilled.  My daughters are actually crafting, and I was the lucky recipient of one of their lovely Spring Door Crosses.  How pretty is that?  Thank you girls!!

The Sew Crazies are making a String Quilt for their QOV project this red, white and blue, naturally.  My assigned eight blocks are done and ready for our meeting tomorrow.

Now, I must confess, I had so much fun doing these that I just couldn't resist making a few more.  I know, they weren't on my list.  I can justify that the black centers and muslin backing all came from stash and the strips came entirely from the scrap bin.  What a wonderful way to whittle away that pile of scraps in my bin, right???  Forty eight blocks later (9 1/2" unfinished), I was dismayed to see my results............

Scrap Bin before blocks
Scrap Bin after blocks
Really???????  I didn't even make a dent in those scraps!!  But I am loving the blocks, and I have enough to make a Heartstrings quilt, so it is a good thing.  I just need to make more.  But first, I have to get back to the business of my list.

I LOVE these blocks.  Isn't it funny how even your uglies look great with a black center and a string block?

Touches of pink, yellow and green sighted as I drive down the roadways.
Clucking hens.
Gifting eggs.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Quick One

I am steadily working away on my projects for the month.  Honestly, I need to stay at home more so that I can get more done.  I am in the road way too much.........but doing things I enjoy.  What can I say?????

I have finished four of the eight square redwork blocks for the My Family BOM.  We don't meet this month, but need to finish all of the blocks before the end of April.  My goal for this month is two more of the square blocks.  Hopefully I will get them prepped in the next couple of days.  Once that is done, the embroidery is easy.  Sorry for the less than stellar photo.

This is a photo of Sara Ashley that her dad took while they were quail hunting at Big Red Oak this past weekend.  SA didn't actually shoot the quail.......she says they are too fast.  I am sure that will change in the future!

Time to hit the hay.  Busy day for tomorrow :-))

Busy days and the opportunity to choose and enjoy them.

Take care,

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Those Estes girls!!

They are at it again!

Here is Sara Ashley looking so pretty on the big night of her Cotillion Ball.  Please note the vintage gloves.  They were mine when I was a girl!

And Christi was featured in the new issue of the Newnan Coweta Magazine!!

Way to go girls!!!! Your Mom/Mimi is so proud of you.

A wonderful family.
A daughter who is searching for the way that she can make a difference in this crazy world.
Sara Ashley, who is kind and caring far beyond her years, and has taught me so much about compassion.

Take care,

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ronnie the Rooster & Weaving

This afternoon the flock had a nice opportunity to free range the garden while John and Blake worked on the raised beds.  The neighbors have a new rooster, and he and Ronnie have been engaging in a lot of conversation.  I was able to catch him in action on my phone.  He is such a man :-)) (Click on the little arrow to see the video).

I am pretty excited.....I finally warped the table loom all by myself!!!! Honestly, I have had this huge roadblock to doing this. Not quite sure why except that I have struggled .....even with my teachers' help. There always seemed to be some kind of problem. Perhaps that was a blessing because it forced me to learn a lot about what not to do and how to fix mistakes.  This past weekend I pulled out some not so favorite yarn (just in case I ruined it) and went for it. Mind you, the scarf warp was only 72 ends ( about 7" x 72"), but all went well and I am merrily weaving this simple plain weave scarf. Maybe I am on my way over the fear hump. Next to warp the Macomber....a bit larger challenge!

This picture doesn't do the colors in the yarn justice.  The warp is a variegated purple, and the weft a pretty soft gray with some tiny metallic flecks.  It is quite soft.  I am hoping it will have a nice drape.

This is towel #3 of my Spring Twill towel series that are on the loom at Ann Lynn's.  This one reminds me of a daffodil.

Planning the spring garden.
A crowing rooster, caring for his girls.
The flickering flame of a fragrant candle.
God winks.

Take care,

Monday, March 4, 2013


The March list is posted and I am working diligently and with focus. Of course it is only the fourth day of the month :-)). We will see how the month progresses.

On Saturday I finished the knit scarf (though it isn't marked off on the photo of the list above). It is pretty cute and will be fun to wear. There is no was just figured out from one someone wore at the Hook-In (thanks, Diane)....a really simple knit. The yarn is Noro Silk Garden in Rainbow.  I only have two knitting UFOs, both of them socks, and each with 1 1/2 socks done. Think I might pull one of those out and try to figure out where I was for my next knitting project.

Meadow Cosmos progressed from a UFO block set to a flimsy. As soon as The binding is done I will move it off the list until I can get it longarmed, hopefully in April.  It is a large quilt at 92" x 92" (4 twenty inch blocks by 4) and I couldn't get a good photo......hopefully when it is quilted I will be able to post one.  I haven't decided on my next quilt project yet.....there are several possibilities in mind.

Got a little yardwork done this afternoon.  Sure was nice to enjoy the warm sunshine.  The chickens got a chance to free range in the garden for a couple of hours, too.......they were happy campers.

Better get busy now!!

Sunshine after a gloomy, cold weekend.
Hot stew in the crockpot.

Take care,