Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Running Late...Again

I did actually get a Mary Brown block finished this month, but didn’t get it posted on the 30th. 
So, here you go...better late than never.

And I have another prepped, so maybe another block this month.

My Burnham 64 scroll rug is a bit of a slow go, but a pleasant hook.

I like it and the rather old fashioned look it has. I changed to a primitive black background because the medium brown got lost in too many areas. 

Thanksgiving was lovely and spent with family at Ebeneezer Stone Farm. We forgot to take pics. 

My concession to early Christmas decorating...

Buddy said he wasn’t moving. I have never been an early Christmas decorator. This is the earliest I have ever had my tree up. And I have wreaths on the doors. Woohoo!

Take Care,


Saturday, November 14, 2020

Fall Cross Stitch Finishes

I was able to fully finish three Fall cross stitch projects. At least I have time to display them for a couple of weeks this year.

The first is Quaker Pumpkin by The Stitcherhood. 

Stitched on 32 ct Weeks Straw using Victorian Motto Floss.

Thankful from the Twice Blessed pattern by Hands on Designs.

Stitched on 32 ct mystery linen with various floss from stash.

And the two of them displayed on my seasonal tray. 

Found the cute little vintage turkey shaker at an antique shop in NGA recently.....Made in Japan. Maybe the beginning of a small collection;-)

Fall Y’all by Stitching with the Housewives.

Stitched on 28 ct Monaco with various overdyed threads. 

Deutzia blooms in my garden, literally covered in a wide variety of pollinators.

Have to laugh.

Take Care,

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Just a Little Update

Did a little cleaning up in my sewing room today. I have really lost my quilting mojo, but I have so much to do.  Aside from cleaning, this was all I accomplished, but suppose it is better than not at all.....

A few Square Deal economy blocks for the Lisa Bonjean quilt....

Sunday, November 1, 2020

A Quick Sunday Update

I should have been posting a hand appliquéd Mary Brown block today, but for the second month in a row that isn’t happening. I love that quilt and have got to get back in the groove. Honestly, I haven’t worked on any quilting the past two months. No reason, really, just haven’t.

I am working on two rugs in my classes with Lisanne. 
This one is a wide cut primitive called Small Frost. It is a pretty good sized rug and I still have quite a bit to go.

Next is a Santa which, when finished will be mounted on an old primitive cabinet door (see below). This is only the face, but he has a full body and is probably 36” tall. 

This is my first face, and isn’t very painterly, but I am not ripping it out again. The cuffs and cap brim are burly spun yarn, and the moustache and eyebrows are wool strips which have been sculpted.  This is also the fourth and final go at the eyebrows. Done.

The cabinet door I found. It’s hard to tell, but the panels are punched tin.

And for Fall, to replace the Halloween stitching, Quaker Pumpkin by The Stitcherhood.  32 count Weeks Straw, Victorian Motto Shoppe flosses stitched two over two.

I like this one and will hopefully get it finished in the next couple of days. However, there’s lots going on this week.

Sara Ashley had fun with her sorority sisters and friends for Halloween.

Obviously off campus, as masks are required on campus. She is home for a couple of days and I am having the whole family for dinner tomorrow. Excited. I miss this girl.

This guy has taken me for a merry ride lately. Can I send him to you????

Take Care,

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Halloween Stitching

I have been busy with Halloween stitching, and it has been fun! The past few years I really haven’t decorated for Halloween or Fall  much, but that changed this year. 
So, here are some of the things I‘be finished.....

Autumn Alphabet by The  Scarlett  House with 40 count Weeks Straw, overdyed cottons similar time called for, mounted on a paddle by Homestead Needleworke with Rick rack trim.

The hooked pillow in the back I made several years ago and I don’t recall the designer.

Happy Thankhallowmass, design by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farms. This was a kit and I just used what was sent and stitched it into a small pillow.

Witch Silhouette, a freebie by Little Stitcher. I remember using a purplish/black overdyed cotton, but don’t recall the linen. I finished it with fabric and buttons from my stash, an antique lace scrap, overdyed silk ribbon and a little key charm.

Button Eyed Cat by The Scarlett House stitched on 40 count Weeks Straw with miscellaneous floss and stuffed with wool snippets. Buttons from JoAnn’s.

This one is so tiny and cute. My favorite, I think. 

This tiny witch came from the Buttons Brack pattern and I added the pumpkin. 40 count mystery linen, scrap flosses, JoAnn’s trim that I coffee stained. 

And this cute tray from Hobby Lobby to display the last three in. Hello Fall , silver pumpkin and crow also from Hobby Lobby.

Halloween Quaint Lady by Pineberry Lane...kit a part of the Dyeing to Stitch Quaint Ladies club. Finishing by Faye Rigsbee.

Buttons Black by The Scarlett House on 40 count Weeks Straw with miscellaneous overdyed flosses.  Finishing on a painted stand from Hobby Lobby. Piscillified with various trims, ribbons and floral picks.

Papier-mâché pumpkin covered in wool quillies that were glued on. So much fun to make!!!

Little wool applique candle mat by Primitive Gatherings stitched several years ago. 

Back door wreath with supplies from Hobby Lobby. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing them!!

Take Care,

Friday, September 25, 2020

I’ve Been Busy!!

It’s been a busy week. Not quite sure what has spurred me on to get this much done. Perhaps the change in weather? Whatever, I’m not complaining.

I’ve finished off a couple of hooking projects including binding!!! And moved another forward.

This is Spring, and I have made good progress on it.

This photo is a little dark, but the colors are pretty soft.

Next up, Indian Corn, a pattern from Cushing, taught on Zoom by Lisanne Miller. 

Blocked and bound....woohoo!

Next up is Scaredy Cat, a free pattern by Lindsay Bowles, found here.

Friend Lauren at Rugs and Pugs shared the link and hooked her own adorable version.

Today I played catch up on weeks 6-8 of the free Snowdrift runner by Kathy Schmitz.

Less than perfect stitching, but I guess it’s an overall effect. Kathy’s stitches aren’t perfect either and she says that’s fine.

I fully finished these two cross stitch berries that were the first two issues of the Dyeing to Stitch Berry Club.

I used Vonna Pfeiffer’s finishing instructions. The berry patterns are by Erica Michaels and are her Quaker Berries.

I ordered this wonderful little shaker pincushion from NHShaker Shop on Etsy.

And I love the spiderweb on top.

Macy has really become a young lady. She is a freshman in HS this year. 

She is attending virtually, but still cheers at HS football games. Seems rather odd to me.

Take Care,

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Happy Birthday SA

Spent the day with Sara Ashley today at Clemson. It couldn’t have been nicer weather to celebrate this girl’s 19th. And her mom and I, suckers that we are, took their three pups along because SA needed to see them.

The sampler I started on the first for September Sampler Soirée is a finish.....

Mary Harley 1808 by The Scarlett House on 40 count Legacy Linen with the called for NPI silks. It was my first time using NPIs and I love them. I had planned to rotate this sampler with Ann Roberts, which is a WIP, but once I started Mary, I was just compelled to see her through. 

Next I have started another Scarlett House piece, Autumn Alphabet, on 40 count Parchment by Victorian Motto Shoppe using called for overdyes. I want to hurry to get this one done since I have the ordered the Autumn Alphabet Board from Homestead Needleworke to mount it on. And it needs to be a part of my fall decor.

This is where I am thus far...

Don’t you love that cute thread keep!?!

Take Care,