Saturday, July 6, 2013

Moving Along...........

There has definitely been lots going on here this week, and progress has been made in between sweet family time.  Macy learned how to weave a potholder and I learned how to help her make a duck tape, how the craft world has changed!!  Anyway, it was all fun and hopefully good memories in the making for her.  Wish I had gotten a photo......have got to get better with that.

Block 4 of Summer Blooms is done.

And Block 3 of Words to Live By.  Block 4 is in the works.  And Block 5 of both arrived in the mail today.  This BOW business is going to be a run for the money.  But I am in love with both sets of blocks, and so, am motivated.

The beginning of this week found my sewing room in total disarray.  I am no neatnik, but I simply can't work well in such a state.  Not wanting to totally monopolize my Wednesday with cleaning, I devised a plan.  Setting the timer, I stitched for 30 minutes, then cleaned for 30 minutes.  I accomplished a lot.  I am still not where I would like to be with the cleaning, but it is ever so much better.

On Monday we visited my sister in Alabama.  She and my brother in law are going to be moving into an Assisted Living apartment soon, and I really wanted to see her in her home before they start preparing for the move.  It is a huge and heart wrenching decision for them.  I totally is difficult to even contemplate leaving your home of 49 years forever.  She entrusted me with this beautiful violet, knowing she wouldn't have room for it at her new place.  I hope I can do it justice.

A sister's love.
Southern style food.
A grandchild snuggled against me in the bed.
Fresh churned ice cream.

Take care,


  1. I used to make potholders with the loops and loom when I was a child. My loom was red metal. Later in life when I wanted to show kids how to do it, all I could find were the plastic looms and I never cared for them. A couple years ago, I found a metal one in an antique shop. then I searched on-line for loops. To my surprise, you can order the metal looms. And cotton loops. I also found wool loops which are supposed to be flame resistant.

    1. Thx for the info. All I could find locally was the plastic ones and the loopers weren't too lovely. Will have to make an online search for a better product. I used to make them and sell them door to door when I was a child (and life was easier and safer in small town America).

  2. I too am working on those blocks...slowly! I am not keeping up, but really enjoying them so much. It is heart wrenching to down size so much...I hope it all goes smoothly.

  3. Yes! These Summer Blocks of the Week are fun to try and keep up with! My "mid-year resolution" is to get caught up on my current projects so that when next Summer rolls around I'll be ready for MORE bLocks of the week! lol! Your stitching is perfect!

    Very difficult decision for your sister... but will be very smart in the long run. Glad they are planning ahead... they will stay healthier and live longer...

  4. Your work is beautiful, so glad I came across your blog!