Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Bye February

It is really hard to believe that we are entering the third month of 2013.  My, time flies.......just like my mother said.

Here is my board at the end of February:

All of the Block of the Months are finally up to date.  Quite an accomplishment for me.  The rigid heddle scarf, Blake's Civil War quilt, and the embroidered pillowcase have all been accounted for in previous posts.  I barely touched the Scroll Rug this month.  I did work on my Jayne Hester rug a bit at the Guild Hook In last Saturday.  The Scroll Rug is just too big and heavy to haul to an event.  I am knitting a cute little scarf that should be on the finish list for March in the next few days.  And Blake's CW quilt, which is at the longarmer's, should be finished by the end of March.

I ended up with six finishes for February.  Four of the six were UFOs.  I feel pretty good about that.
I really found that having my list posted has helped me stay focused, so I am going to keep at it.

Starting the redwork BOM spurred me to get excited about embroidery again, so digging deep into my stash, I came up with this pattern and the background fabric.  I probably bought this at Little Quilts about four or five years ago.  I think Kathy Schmitz is a great designer and this project has turned out to be fun to work on.  All of the blocks are prepped and I have finished 2 1/2 of them.  I will consider this an ongoing project.

Garden Baskets is a BOM pattern by Primitive Gatherings.  It is wool on cotton and the dozen little blocks (which I have obviously not squared up yet) will finish at 4", with the whole little quilt being 23" x 28".  It is a sweet little thing, but the blocks are awfully fiddly and I would just as soon spend my time on something a little larger.  I didn't pay attention to how small it was when I ordered it.  However, I am determined it will be a finish and I know I will enjoy it once it is done.

The Love Letters Square in a Square BOM is over and all of the blocks are finished (not trimmed yet).  I picked up the setting fabric today, so setting it will be my BOM task for March.  Then it will move off the BOM list and will come up on the top list when I am actually ready to progress from flimsy to quilt.

And finally, though it is not on my list, I finished the blocks for the Primitive Gatherings freebie, Favorite Things.  I have the finishing kit for the borders, but am not quite ready to start on it yet.
These are small blocks, too, but not like the others.  They are much simpler in design and finish at 5".

So, now I need to think about what I want to add to my list for March.  For sure, I want to add some things that will net finishes.  And I also want to get some more UFOs out of the way.  I will try to post my updated list in the next couple of days.

A venue like a blog in which to share my hobbies and thoughts with others.
Friends who understand and share in the love of our crafts.

Take care,

Spring Fever

I am so ready for Spring. As much as we need rain, I have grown weary of it. Here in the South the hyacinths, daffodils and forsythia are blooming....teasing us with a tiny taste of Spring......although the high temps will only be in the 40s this week.  It could be worse.  I don't know how you guys who have all of the snow can stand it.  God knew I needed to be a Southern girl.

What better time to warp the loom with some twill towels that say Spring, Easter eggs and bunnies. The pink towel is done and I started the blue one today. It reminds me of a little girl's dress.....sweetness.

This week I also finished the first rigid heddle scarf that I wove.  The selvedges are a bit sad, and the wool Noro sock yarn in the fringe felted when it was washed, but I still like it.  Sorry for the quality of the photo :-((

Finally, I pieced the backing of Blake's Civil War Pinwheel quilt and got it to the longarmer today.  What a nice feeling to have that done.  And in March, it will be a finish!!

The soothing rhythm of throwing the shuttle.
The first bluebird spotted at the bluebird house.
A trip to Tractor Supply.

Take care,

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Primitive Garden & Pillowcase

My February Primitive Garden block is the hoe block.  You should always read the instructions before stitching a block.  These instructions said that the birds wouldn't fit, so don't add them until later when they can overlap other blocks.  I didn't read the instructions first.  Life goes on.

I love vintage looking embroidered bluebirds.  I just melt when I see them.  I started this pillowcase with the incredibly sweet embroidery three years it half done and walked away.  Last week I pulled it out, finished the embroidery and made the pillowcase.  What was I waiting on????  Honestly, why don't I just finish these projects when I start them.  I love this pillowcase!!

Found this children's cabinet at a local antique shop just before Christmas.......the price was right and I have the perfect place for it.  I think it needs some little quilts tucked on the shelves, don't you?  And maybe a little rug to sit on??????

Internet pals.
Pinterest (a mixed blessing, I think).

Take care,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sally Post & Such

February's Sally Post blocks are finished.  I am still not 100% sure about the setting fabrics, so I haven't added those yet.

I know that I said that I was not going to fret over UFOs, etc. this year, but that doesn't seem to be a possibility for me.  Particularly since I heard some fellow craft people speaking of a lady who recently passed away and leaving a large stash as a HOARDER!!!!  OMG, is that what I am?  So, now I am sort of obsessing over this.  Not majorly, but sort of........

Early this month much time and effort was spent prepping various projects I planned to work on.  I tried this approach to see if it would facilitate me being more efficient in completing the projects, as well as to try to encourage me to stay on task with the projects at hand.  I do think it helped and I will give it another try when I have completed what I prepared.  

Another approach that I am trying is one that was suggested to me many years ago by some women on a Yahoo group who were trying to finish their UFOs.  There were several different approaches, but here is my modified version.  I have listed the Block of the Months that I am actively working on.......they are not new starts, but ongoing projects.....and I don't plan to add anymore until at least one of them is finished.  Hopefully I can step away from joining new ones entirely and just work on some of the ones I have amassed.  The next thing that I am trying is to chose a project from each area of interest and try to see that project through before starting another in that particular area.........for example:  Knitting, Quilting, Rughooking, etc.  Now this one will be really hard to stick with, and there may be times when I am working on a big project and just need to interject something smaller that I can finish.  I know that there will be things that come up that will sidetrack me from time to time, but I am giving this approach a try.  I have mounted a little dry erase board in my sewing room to help keep me on track (in addition to my constant list making :-D).

I am also choosing a few things that I know that I can finish quickly in those groups so that I can feel the sweetness of success.  Not each thing is a UFO, but some of them are.....and some of them are projects I already have on hand.  I am trying not to add to the stash too much.  To say not at all would be unrealistic, but controlled would be good.  Enough!!

Here is one of the UFOs that I finished this week.  The needlepunch was already done.  I distressed it and made the little pillow.  The design is from Country Stitches and I probably punched it three years ago or more........what was I waiting on???  Sweet success!

Past my bedtime now.  Good night.

Southern cornbread.
Quiet afternoons.
Clothes warm from the dryer.

Take care,

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bragging rights.........

The grandkids are just as busy as they can possibly be.  It is impossible for us to keep up with them.  They certainly keep their parents on the run!  And we couldn't be happier with them or for them.  They are great kids.

Robert has finished his football season and church league basketball season. He is active in his middle school choir and academic team, Boy Scouts and Church Choir.   This is his academic team at a recent meet.  He was chosen by his peers at his middle school as "Most Academic".

And this is him with several friends last week serving as a Page for the Legislative Session at the Georgia State Capital.

Sara Ashley won first place in the elementary school division for Center for an Educated Georgia's essay contest.  She wrote about the reason her school, The Bedford School, is the best school for her. She has been featured online, in the local news and honored at her school, in addition to winning a gift card for her efforts.  Click on the photo below to visit the website and see her essay.

As a result of this, she and Christi were asked to represent School Choice at the Georgia State Capital, where Christi spoke about Sara Ashley and how School Choice has served her.  We were so proud of them both!  This is a photo of Rob, Christi, Sara Ashley, Lynn Smith (our local House Representative) and the Governor, Nathan Deal.

Sara Ashley is staying busy with horseback riding lessons, intramural basketball and her pets, including her new guinea pig, Skitter.

Macy is enjoying and excelling in first grade at Elm Street and taking Hip Hop lessons.  Last weekend she and her dad attended her Father-Daughter dance, and this week she performed in her First Grade Valentine program at school.  I can't believe how grown up she is!

Jackson likes his preschool at Newnan Presbyterian.  He took soccer lessons this fall.  He got a drum set for Christmas and we think that entertainment might be in his future.......he is such a character.
This is a photo from a recent family visit to Legoland in Atlanta.

Christopher is attending Pre K at Newnan Academy and is looking forward to playing T-Ball this spring.

Dillon is in Middle School at The Bedford School where he was on the Bedford Bears Soccer Team and Basketball Team.  He has been spent lots of time this winter hunting with his dad.  The Bedford Bears won first place in their division of basketball this week.  Needless to say, Dillon was pretty excited.

Colten is in fifth grade.  He still loves to play baseball and is an excellent student.  We don't get to see him as much since he lives further away.

And Blake.........well, he just celebrated a milestone.........his 70th birthday........and all is well!!.

Active, happy grandchildren.
Schools and all of the folks that make them what they are.
Those people who are blessed with the desires and skills to inspire and teach our children.

Take care,

Monday, February 11, 2013

Plodding along......

I am plodding along with my projects, taking a slightly different approach, which I will explain shortly.

First of all, I had two January finishes that I didn't post.  The first one was a simple panel (Seven Sisters) that just needed the border done by me.  It is for our Sew Crazy QOV project, and finishing the top off was my, it is done and I can count it as a finish.

The next finish was Sweet Pickins'...........quilted and bound..........all ready to enjoy come Fall.

For February I have only a couple of woven towels finished so far.  They are Summer Winter weave and I am pleased with the way they turned out.  Weaving has not come naturally to me, but I am determined.

My big Macomber loom got some much needed work done last week with the help of John and Blake.
We installed a new gear to replace the broken one and she got nice, clean aprons.  What an improvement.  Now I need to get her warped and start doing some serious weaving on her.

As I have finished up the blocks for the BOM I was doing at the LQS and am just awaiting setting fabric to arrive to complete that top, I thought it would be a great idea to support my LQS by signing up for another BOM.  I know............but it is so cute, and a little different from anything I have done in a long while.  It is "My Family" by Lynnette Anderson........a redwork and patchwork combo with birds, dogs, family, chickens.......really sweet stuff.  The four hearts for this month are already completed, and it was fun doing something different for a change.  I had my first experience using Cosmo thread off the is great.......comes stranded in two strands, ready to roll right off the spool and stitch.  It is a bit more expensive than DMC, but so much more convenient. (meaning no snarls and struggles trying to separate those strands).

The Birdhouse block was the Primitive Garden choice for January.  Didn't finish it till this week, but it is done now.

What I have spent the bulk of my crafting time doing this month is prep work.  I decided that if I could get a lot of things prepped while I had the supplies out for that particular type of project, it would be a timesaver in the long run.  So prepping it has been.  I have a stack of blocks piled up and soon it will be time to start stitching them.  It will be interesting to see if this approach makes sense in the long run.  I will keep you posted.

Time to get back to my busy work :-))

Mild Southern winters.
Fresh cabbage from the garden.

Take care,