Monday, March 26, 2012

BOM Monday

I started the day with my annual mammogram appointment.........and I passed!!  Don't have to go back for another year.

Tonight, after much deliberation, I pulled out the BOM that I want to work on first.......following along with the BOM challenge at Pink Pincushion (see button on my sidebar).  I decided that I would start with something small, something that I had already made considerable progress on, and something that I still loved.........the choice was "A Tisket A Tasket" by Bunnyhill Designs.  It is available for sale now, but back when I started it, it was a freebie from Anne.  I had been working on it when our house flooded.....had completed blocks 1-8, and the blocks were on my sewing table when everything flooded.  Fortunately, the blocks and fabrics were okay, but I discovered later that the pattern for Block 11 was lost.  
A couple of months ago, I contacted Anne who generously emailed me the pattern for the lost block.  I never downloaded it off the computer.  Luckily everything is still all together, Block 11 is downloaded, and I am on my way.  I am doing the blocks with fusible and machine buttonhole applique.  After dinner tonight I got Blocks 9 & 10 fused and ready for stitching.  I hope to get 11 & 12 fused tomorrow.  Hopefully by the end of the week all of the blocks will be finished and ready for setting.  A little nudge is a good thing, Pink Pincushion!

Tomorrow Blake has a dental appointment and then we have to go buy a new stove......GRRRRRRRRRR.  I have wanted a new stove, but not right now.  Last week it was an a 
new HVAC unit for the main level.  At this point the only two mechanical things we haven't replaced in this house are the fridge and the hot water heater.........and I am not holding my breath.

A normal mammogram, and my great doctor at Breast Care Specialists.
The happy chatter of grandchildren in the car on the way home from school.
Swinging on the back porch with my sweet little Rascal.

Take care,

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I had a couple of finishes as of last night.......both of them hooked.  The first was long overdue, and, certainly....would still be unfinished if it were not for our upcoming guild rugshow, Off the Hook.  Nothing like a little pressure to get you moving.  The rug, seen here previously, had been finished for awhile......except for the binding.  I just couldn't make a decision about how to finish the edge.  A braided border was the winner, and, I think, the right decision.  Many thanks to dear friend, Kathie Meyers (Simple Braided Borders for Hooked Rugs), for her wonderful instructions on braiding borders!!!

The next one was Blossom Bunny from Anita White's Cupboard series....just in time for Easter.
I love this series of little matts......they are quick and easy and the designs are really cute.  It is nice to be able to change them out with the seasons.

Tonight we went to The Bedford School for their annual Dinner/ Auction.  We have two grandchildren who attend there.  It is a wonderful school - a real blessing for these children with special learning needs.  We are always inspired by the slide presentations and the speakers, who are alumni and their parents.  It is heartening to see that these young people have utilized the skills they learn at Bedford to become successful in their lives.  I cannot express how wonderful and caring the staff at this school is.  

We worked in the yard for awhile today, and I cooked two loaves of "Extra Tangy Sourdough Bread"...two yummy loaves of bread quite different from the first recipe.  I cannot believe I am actually making good, homemade bread!!!

I came across this blog today, and lo and behold, my addiction has a name and other victims.  BOM addiction.  There, I have said it.  My name is Jennie, and I am a BOM addict.  What is it about getting those little packages of lovely fabrics and patterns in the mail each month, all picked out for you....all you have to do is stitch.....or not.  I wouldn't even venture to say how many BOMs I have in various stages of completion, and not even started, but neatly packaged together awaiting my attention.  Maybe this challenge is just what I need to get moving on them!  Time will tell, but it is worth a try.   Stay tuned.  At least I know that I am not alone..........


That is it for tonight.

The Bedford School and its staff.
"Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.

Take care,

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blame Miss M

It is all her fault.....Miss M' know.  She has occupied a large portion of my time this past week.  Miss M is my "new" old Macomber Add A Harness Loom.  Blake and I journeyed to Asheville, NC on Sunday, loaded her up on a borrowed pick up truck, spent the night in Asheville, went to Earth Guild on Monday and then headed home.  The trip was fun, the weather was gorgeous, and I am thrilled with Miss M.  Loading and unloading her was a bit of a challenge, as she weighs in at about 250#......and she required significant rearranging of my "Studio", but I think she will be worth it.  Ann Lynn and Diane came over on Tuesday and helped me get her set up and started on the warping process, then I finished last night and started a small weaving sample.  Boy, is it different weaving on a big girl loom!!

Last Saturday the Coweta County Genealogical Society (where Blake volunteers) had a nice program put on by the ladies of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I know that my Kellum ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War.........perhaps it is time to delve into my spare time.  Or maybe Blake, the genealogist of the household, will do it for me.......

I had ordered Sourdough Starter from King Arthur, and it arrived last week before our mad dash to Asheville.  I got it going and turned out my first loaves..........Sourdough Artisan Bread.  It was pretty darned good, too!  Especially for a beginner.  We also had salad with fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden.  This week our mixed greens are ready to pick, so looks like that will be on the dinner menu for tomorrow.

I plugged along with the knitting......ended up with 7 new dish and face cloths and just a smidgen of cotton yarn left.

Spring is in full swing here in Georgia........along with pollen and allergy season.  The flowers are so pretty, though.  Blake and John set out 28 small azaleas, 3 roses, a camellia and a few other things yesterday.  And today we received a most welcome rain!

That is it for now.


The instant bond you have with fiber people....quilters, weavers, whatever.
Renewal.......of the earth and our spirits.
The feel of fibers in my hands.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where does it go.........

the time, that is??  It has been more than a week since I posted.  I don't know how the time gets by so quickly.

Blake got a new toy.......for the garden, you know :-)  He says it is because I wanted it.  Right!!

On Saturday my niece and her friend came up and we spent the day at Scott's Flea Market.  I always have lots of fun there, and never fail to find something I can't live without.  Faye brought me this pretty geranium.

Ann Lynn, Sandy and I went to Opelika, AL......again.....on Friday, but to a different place this time.  We went to a great yarn, weaving, spinning shop, Yarnhouse Studio.  They had gorgeous yarns and couldn't have been more welcoming.  I will be going back there.

I continue to work on the red and white towels at Ann Lynn's:

And on my rigid heddle loom at home, I am working on a scarf using Noro sock yarn and Perle cotton:

I have been plagued with a sweet tooth lately.

This is a little wool bag that I made as a Christmas gift......I gave it away without photographing it, but my friend had it with her at hooking the other night, so I quickly snapped a photo.  Sharon, one of the Sew Crazies, taught us how to make the bags with quilting fabric, and I just winged it with the wool applique.

The stitchery and frame I showed you in a previous post are now done and ready to hang.

I am sure that this is more than enough for everyone!!


A day spent with friends Hooking and sharing.
Spring flowers.....and the surprises you find in your yard.
Fresh air circulating through open doors in the house.

Take care,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday again......

Last week was full of activity, but today I have a chance to slow down and do a few things that I have put blogging.

Last Tuesday my weaving class took a field trip to Mo-Purl in Auburn, AL.  There they make lovely yarns for weaving and knitting.  Bob, the owner, welcomed us and allowed us to wander about, perusing boxes and boxes of all kinds of yarns.  In the end, he assisted us with our purchases.  I didn't exactly know what I was looking for, being so new in this weaving business, however, I didn't have any trouble finding a few cones of things I liked.    The yarn in the basket is an interesting texture, a gift from Diane.  The unwrapped cones were ordered from Yarn Barn, the wrapped ones from Mo-Purl.  A girl has to have a stash, you know.

On Thursday, I started a BOM, Kisses from Your Beloved,  at Sewn with Luv.  Our teacher, Nettie, turned out to be someone I knew from the Emmaus community, which made it even more special.  The class uses a fancy ruler from Square in a Square to make piecing these blocks simpler.  I really like the fabrics they have is hard to appreciate them in this photo.

Thursday night involved some babysitting activities with two of the grands, and on Friday night we  went to see Macy perform in her school's Lip Synch Night.  Hope to have photos on that later.

On Saturday morning it was time to do something with that over-ripe banana that was languishing in the bowl on the kitchen counter...........Banana nut muffins!

A bigger challenge for Saturday was completing the last of the fourth set of Just Takes 2 Blocks (four different reds, three backgrounds, all from stash).  The members of PFA Yahoo group had given me some good advice for making the foundation pieced blocks, and it served me well.  In addition, I set up a little trimming and pressing station at my sewing this might seem like common sense to you, but I had avoided doing it because I think that it is good to get up and move about when stitching.  But with so many cuts and so much pressing with the foundation piecing, I bit the bullet.  I had purchased the miniature Dritz iron quite some time ago, and never tried it is GREAT!!!  It even has steam.  All that being said, the blocks were still a challenge..........and the main block for the next two week period makes me cringe.  I am wondering if I am in over my head.

I had the urge to knit a little yesterday.  Let me say, I am not a proficient knitter, but I enjoy an easy project.  Before Christmas I gathered all of my dishcloth yarn together thinking that I would use it all up, depleting a large chunk of my small knitting stash (yes, it is my only "small" stash and there is quite a bit of sock yarn waiting in it).  I made about seven dish and face cloths and set it aside.  I am left with a couple of full balls and lots of odds and ends, which is really fine for what I am doing.  I have made a lot of different face and dish cloths, but I found my favorite dishcloth pattern for free at Homespun Living Blog.  It is simple, attractive and wears well.  Thanks, Homespun Living!!

This is the second block in Over the Meadow, my BOM challenge.  I really like these blocks and will be happy to have this quilt done at the end of the year.  It is so whimsical.....the blocks just make me smile.


Finding joy in the little things of life.
Watching the grandchildren grow up and become "real people", each with such distinct personalities.
Girl time with my daughters.
The music of the wind chimes on the back deck.

Take care,