Monday, June 30, 2014

This and That

Just a few random things to share tonight.  I have been doing some stitching and prepping, but no photos. Will try to remedy that this week. So, until then, here we go......

First, the progress on my camp rug, American Fancies....terrible photo, sorry.
Four of the fifteen squares finished. I love the way the antique black background makes the colors pop.

Daisy, who is literally growing like a weed, is still trying to make friends with Poppy.

Sara Ashley, Robert and Christi spent last week on a mission trip to Brunswick, GA.

The Hornes had a great week at the beach.

One of the girls gave us a very large surprise!

Like I said, pretty random. I promise to do better.

Summer showers.
Soft puppy fur.

Take care,

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Caraway Rug Show Part 1

There were so many wonderful rugs at the show this year. It is always a great inspiration and learning experience to see what everyone else is doing, even if it might not be your style. I apologize for not getting names on some of these rugs. My memory doesn't serve me so well and there was so much to see.

This sweet pine cone mat was small, but so well done. Looks as if you could reach out and pick the cone up . And I love the red background .

This is Jan King's American Fancies rug with an amazing 35 squares. She has used lots of textures and different backgrounds. I love the many options for hooking this rug....each unique and beautiful.

Nancy Parcell hooked this rug called Zig Zag. I love everything about it.

A beautiful, classic primitive, Cape Ann, by Marilyn Price.

Another great large scale primitive with a light background by Nancy P.

Solomon's Bouquet, hooked and designed by Diane Gill....based on an antique coverlet. The colors in this rug are so rich and peaceful. And it has a braided finish!

Don't know designer or hooker on this one, but I love it. Reminds me of a quilt.

How cute is this? Think you can read the tag.

Lovely cottage. Wouldn't it be fun to travel there?

The Gleaners.....don't know the hooker, but whoever did such a nice job.

Kathie Meyers' incredible Prudence runner. Eric started one end of this years ago, tired of it and set it aside. Kathie purchased it an finished it up this year. A real labor of love. The photo doesn't do it justice.

Gorgeous classic Persian.

Diane Stoffel's amazing use of color and design in this small mat.

Guess that is enough for today. More to come later in the week.

Think I will head off to work on my rug for a little while after all this inspiration.

A big fat Buddy asleep in my lap.
Fresh veggies....yum!
Air conditioning.

Take care,

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Caraway Rug School 2014

I returned home last night from my ninth year at Caraway Rug School. It was a great week......the best teacher....Jeanne Benjamin, good food, old and new friends, and wonderful inspiration. I am exhausted, but renewed.
Kathie, Diane, Laura and I left on Sunday morning, and despite running out of gas this far from the pumps.........

We finally arrived safely.

                                          Caraway Baptist Conference Center

Our class got lots done.  Following are photos (please excuse quality of photos)......

Sybile with her wide cut textured Persian.

Nancy's lovely primitive pattern by Sally Kallin.

Georgeanna's winter scene by New Earth Designs.

Nancy worked on Jeanne's Chimera pattern.....very challenging.

Avis had a really nice pattern that she had started previously. Sorry, I can't remember the designer.

Karen worked on Eric's interpretation of an antique scroll rug.

Anita's rug was a pattern by Primitive Grace. She had admired this rug in the Caraway rug show last year.

Phyllis worked on a five block version of American Fancies. Beautiful, soft colors.

Lucinda's Quilt, a Keeping the Past Alive pattern, was Barbara's choice.

Nada chose colors brighter than her normal palette for her Edyth O'Neill pattern.

Mary's soft, gorgeous Oliver Cromwell.

Diane with her winter village by New Earth Designs. Last year she hooked a similar Fall scene.

Linda's Persian, a smaller version of Sybile's Persian.

And this is my 15 block version of American Fancies. This rug was adapted from an antique rug by Eric Sandberg, originally for the late Nancy Thompson.  I stepped out of my box and did not use any textures in this rug, just gorgeous overdyes, mostly dyed by Jeanne, and collected over a period of several years. As you can see in the lower left block, the background will be antique black.  Jeanne got me started with the color planning and had me continue planning the rest of the blocks independently. I was thrilled to walk away with that experience and the confidence it instilled. That is another reason Jeanne is such a great teacher!

My goal is to finish this rug while the plan is still fresh in my mind.

In the next few days I will share some photos from the rug show.

Good Samaritans.
Meeting new friends that seem like old friends.
Returning home.

Take care,

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Down to the Line...

Why do I always wait till the last minute to finish things up.  Nothing like a deadline.

In the morning we will be leaving for Caraway Rug ninth year.  I can hardly wait.  I will be in class with Jeanne Benjamin. Yes, again, she is just one of my favorites and I know that she will do a great job with the rug I have chosen.

Every year there is a wonderful rug show at Caraway....rugs by the students and teachers.  Love Grows in the Garden had long been finished and ready for the show.  But there were two other rugs so close to being finished.  I got busy, and they are done!!!! I truly am a happy camper.

Here are the rugs that will be in the rug show:

Pomegranate Basket 
Pattern by Susan Quicksall, Teacher Jeanne Benjamin

Urn Full of Flowers
Pattern by Maggie Bonanomi, Teacher Jayne Hester

Love Grows in My Garden
Pattern by Lori Brechlin, Teacher Jeanne Benjamin

On the quilting front I have a couple of other finishes:

I can't remember the name of this one, but it is a little four patch from Jo's Little Women's Club.  A UFO from 2009!

The little baby quilt, finally ready to go off to its owner.

And Primitive Gatherings' sweet little Flower Baskets finally to flimsy stage.

Feels really good to finally have some finishes under my belt.  It had been too long.

Will try to post from rug camp this week.  I will miss Blake, my family and the doggies, but I am really looking forward to the week.  And I know that Blake will take good care of the pups.

Anticipation of a week of hooking, good food and friends.

Take care,

Friday, June 6, 2014

My Baby's Big 4-0

Can hardly believe that my baby girl, Ashley, turned forty on Monday! Both of my daughters are now middle aged.....yikes! What does that make me???

We celebrated here with family, food, fun and laughter.

Jackson, Ashley and Macy

Jackson loved the singing card he gave his mom.

Rob getting his Daisy fix. Can't believe how she has grown......up to 18 pounds.

This cute little tin church was a birthday gift to me from the Hornes.

Can't Never Could ( continues to sell cookies to support its goals. We made these cute Ruby Slippers for someone opening an antique shop, Ruby Slippers Vintiques, in Griffin, GA. 

Hope everyone has great plans for the weekend, even if it just means taking it easy.

Spring rain.
Packages in the mail.
Sleeping late.

Take care,