Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Back Again

It is unusual for me to have more than one post in a month, much less in a week. However, that is the case. You see, I had snapped a few pics in preparation for a blog post when the tornado hit.  Thus, you have the intended post now.

There is progress on Prudence. 

What fun this is to hook. Someone commented that it didn’t look scrappy. Here is the motif that I am currently hooking. You can definitely see that it is scrappy. 

This is the background wool. A great light plaid called Cotton. I am not a huge fan of light backgrounds, but I love how this ones makes the motifs pop.

While cleaning out my quilting fabric closet, I came across this bin of strings.
My inclination was to toss them, but then I remembered these blocks.  (Why does this never fail to happen???)

Anyway, I loved them when I made the first three. So I made another. Now I have a plan. And when I complete that plan, I will toss whatever is left. 

I finished this quilt top a couple of years ago and just got around to taking it to the longarmer. Now it is bound and on the couch, ready for us to enjoy. 

Thought you might enjoy seeing my newest collection along with the little cross stitch pillow I made to go with them. 

The chart is by Brenda Gervais/With Thy Needle and Thread  using the called for floss and I really can’t recall the linen. Faye Rigsbee, Carolina Stitcher, did the finishing. Love how bright and cheery these are. 

Here is Sara Ashley at a fraternity formal in Savannah. 

And Jackson’s Confirmation Class on Sunday. 

Can you relatešŸ„“

Take Care,

Monday, March 29, 2021

Still in Shock

For those who haven’t seen it on the news, our county and the town of Newnan, was devastated by an E4 tornado just after midnight on Saturday morning. The 170 mph winds traveled on the ground for miles, demolishing structures and uprooting trees. Fortunately the community suffered only one death and a few people with relatively minor physical injuries.

A few pics of the damage, though photos cannot truly depict what the community is suffering.

Not a single building at Newnan HS was spared damage.

These kids had just gone back to school two weeks ago. Now they have no school.

The response in the community has been amazing. So many people from so many places here to help. We are blessed despite the tragedy.

Here is Macy’s cheer squad at their cheer banquet on Thursday night.

And here is what remains of that church building on Saturday morning.

I want to thank everyone who checked on us the past few days. We were blessed to be spared. We retreated to the basement with all four dogs, and the radar showed the tornado right over our little Dresden community (6 miles west of Newnan). The tornado actually hit down about a mile away. My girls and their families, who live in Newnan, were also spared as the tornado ripped through Newnan east of their homes. 

I would ask you to please keep this community and all of those others devastated by this tornado, in your prayers. The fallout from all of this will not be mended for a very long time.

Take care,

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Organizing and Reorganizing

I find myself reorganizing what I‘be recently organized far too often lately. I finally came to several realizations...
1. I have too much stuff
2. I keep accumulating stuff faster than I can use it
3. As long as I can keep it reasonably tidy I still feel in control...sort of
4. I just have to learn to live with it, because I love my stuff and half the fun is acquiring it. 

I had organized all of my wool worms into a gazillion big bags by color. I hated those bags. So I dumped all of my worms Willy nilly into not one, but two big cotton baskets. 

I need to make about a million scrappy rugs. At least. This is my current one....

Prudence by W. Cushing.

I love it. I could probably hook a room sized one and not tire of it. But I won’t. I have another scrappy pattern in the queue.

I added this cute little cart to my workspace. Everything I need to hook fits right in it.  Thank you Amazon.

This Brenda Gervais piece, Gardener Goode Witch, was probably my oldest xstitch WIP. If I recall correctly, I probably got it from Country Sampler in the early 90s.

It is stitched with the called for overdyed cottons on 32 ct Weeks, maybe Straw or Parchment. It is stitched using the instructed one over two. I am not thrilled with the coverage, but decided I was too far along to redo it. It’s too large for a pin tuck and I’m not sure how I will FFO it, but at least the stitching is done. In fact, it was done back in January and I just got around to taking a pic of it. 

Buddy is worn out after his trip to the groomer’s.

Jackson’s baseball team won the Cal Ripken Tournament in Pigeon Forge. They played teams from all over the US and were undefeated.

Looks like mom and dad were pretty happy, too.

Ain’t it the truth.....

Take Care,

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Still the Same

Still no photos of most of what I am doing, but here are a couple of things that I can share.

The Small Frost wide cut Oriental is finished except for blocking and binding. That makes about seven in the waiting queue for fully finishing.
Not my favorite rug, but I did learn from it.

Next up is Spring pin tuck. 

The pattern was a freebie from Anniebeez Folkart. Mystery 36 ct linen with some DMCs that were close at hand, one over two.

 Camellias from our yard. The bush is my favorite. Can’t remember the name, but I love the color, and it blooms prolifically each year. 

Sara Ashley finally got to wear the dress she bought for Senior Prom to her sorority formal. I, of course, think that she looks beautiful. 

Spending some special time with this sweet girl for a few days while her parents and brother have gone to a baseball tournament.

Blake and I are three weeks out from our Covid Vaccine, as is my sister, who resides in an assisted living facility. Got to visit her for the first time in a year last weekend. It was good. 

Take Care,