Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy week

Things are rolling full steam ahead on our house..........Thank goodness!!!  I can hardly believe that it will soon be time to move back in........after EIGHT months of living out of two bedrooms upstairs.  We will be so thankful to finally have our lives back.  But the next few weeks will be pandemonium.  The contractors should be finished inside by next Monday; then, hopefully, the cleaning and moving people will be in next week.  And then we begin to unpack those 600+ boxes.  Honestly, I don't even remember what we have anymore.  Obviously, too much, since I have been able to do without it for eight months :-)

On Monday Macy, her friend, Susan Grayton, Robert and Sara Ashley had a lemonade stand.  It was to raise money for a family whose mother has breast cancer.  They raised $86 and were so thrilled.  And this Mimi was so proud of them for working so hard for such a worthy cause.  It was good for their souls........and they had fun.  Jackson had just awakened from his nap when we went by, so he was glad to be held by his Pop.
Over the weekend I finished one hexagon flower and hooked a really cute sheep mat to hang in my laundry.  I left it at Kathie's last night when I went to hooking, so I don't have a photo right now.  When I get it bound I will put one up.

Stay cool!!!