Monday, July 1, 2013

July.......coming in under the wire

This quilt was well on its way to becoming a dreaded Block Set.........another UFO!!!  I finished the blocks way back in February, got the settings cut in March and even made the nine patches.  And then it sat.  Do you know how many other blocks have met the same fate at this house???  Well, I don't either, but I can tell you that it is far too many.  And I am determined that from this point forward it will not be happening.  Anything that gets started must be finished, discarded or donated in a timely fashion and that does not mean several years later.  I am committing to that, right here, in writing. 

At any rate, here was the progress at the end of May:

And now.......DONE!!!  Another finish for June.

The knit shawl was also a June finish, though I suspect it will end up unraveled and redone. I love the yarn and the pattern was nice......except that it doesn't fit. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I struggle so with knitting.  At any rate, I am disappointed but not yet defeated.

Do you remember the first string blocks that I donated? Well, the Heartstrings girls put them together and quilted them......then I took the quilt back to bind it, and it is done, too.

Looking at June's list, several things fell by the wayside. I still haven't completed the woven scarf. And I put aside the two rugs on the list to work on my camp rugs.  The black work quilt blocks are still a block set, though I did pull fabric for them.  And Primitive Garden saw no progress.  Since I completed " My Family" and "Letters From My Beloved", I am adding "Summer Blooms", "Words to Live By" and "Summertime" to the BOM List. These are all actually Summer Block of the Week programs, and I am already behind due to rug camp, but will be hustling this week to try to catch up. I am taking the Jayne Hester rug and Lion and Lamb off the list and adding one of the camp rugs, "Love Grows in the Garden". I would like to finish the camp rugs while they are still fresh on my mind.  I am also adding a VERY old (2006-2007) sampler block set that I would like to get into a top and sent for quilting. This will be my UFO project for the month.

Sounds like a pretty ambitious month. I know it sometimes looks as though I am setting myself up for failure with all of the things on my list, but I am really okay when they don't all get finished or plans change. The list just helps me to stay a little more focused.

Making myself "stick with it".

Take care,

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  1. The setting for the quilt blocks really makes them pop. Nice!