Monday, July 22, 2013


They roll around right regularly, those Mondays, don't they?  I usually take an account of the past week on Sunday night and have a plan in mind for the coming week by Monday.  This week it didn't happen that way.  No reason, really, it just didn't.  So, it is sort of Sunday/Monday here.

I had hoped to get both Words to Live By blocks stitched up over the weekend.  Boy, that didn't happen either!  Honor turned out to be way more work than I had anticipated.  I do plan to have #7 finished this week before #8 is in the mailbox.

Love Grows in the Garden saw a bit of work.  I will continue to work towards finishing the background this week.  Notice that I didn't say that I would get the background finished.  I said that last week.........

I whipped out Garden Basket #11 today.........and went to the mailbox to find #12 awaiting me.  But that is good news.......I am close to finishing this little BOM.  Hopefully next month I will get  the finishing kit for it.  And #12 is prepped and ready to stitch.  The blanket stitch on these babies is one strand of embroidery floss.

I had neglected Primitive Garden, and so decided it was time to get a little work done on it.  I pulled out a few blocks to get prepped and already have one ready for stitching.  It is so helpful to get several of them ready to stitch when I have all of the fusible and light box out.

It looks like this week's goals will include (but not be limited to......needless to say, I just can't stay that focused) more work on the rug background, prepping more Primitive Garden blocks, stitching block #7 of Words to Live By and the final Garden Baskets block and some crocheting on the Appalachian project.  I also have a date with Debi to take a couple of quilts over for her magic meandering.......two UFOs.  Sounds good to me.

My hands are weary of wool appliqué, so tomorrow it will be something different....plenty to chose from.

Robert and Sara Ashley just returned from a vacation out West with their Memaw and Big Daddy.  This is Robert sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon.  Lovely, but there is NO WAY you would get me that close to the edge!!

My cutting bed has been quite successful this year, with all of the rain.  In fact, it is a jungle!!  But I can't bear to prune or pull anything up while everything is blooming.  Would you believe there is a wheelbarrow planted with Sweet Potato vine in the midst of all of that???

Cleome is one of my favorite old fashioned flowers.  She is pretty invasive, but worth it.  See the little seed pods already forming on this bloom?

Time to make a decision and get busy on something.  And that does not mean Pinterest!!!

A vase full of sunny summer flowers.
Good news at the Vet's office.
Soft old T shirts.

Take care,

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