Tuesday, March 26, 2019

This and That

Seems like I have spent an inordinate amount of time catching up after my wonderful trip to Edisto.

I did manage to get my OMG finished.....

The middle portion is assembled and it is time to move onto the appliqué borders. Today I cut the border strips and have started prepping the bottom border.

The binding on this rug was completed while at Edisto and is ready for a final steaming before it can be hung.

I used Lauren’s technique  for the binding and was quite pleased. I will definitely be using it again.

Speaking of Lauren, she gifted me with the most generous goodies.....

Some of her gorgeous hand dyed wool, hand stamped scissors fob and scissors minder (made by the most talented Lauren) and a wonderful hook handmade by Hudson Valley Rugs(they have an Etsy Shop). These hooks are fashioned from vintage tool handles....so cool, and great to hook with.

As well as this cute pattern. We decided that I should turn the kitty into Casper.

Another Wildflower Bouquet joined the slowly growing stack....

And a little progress on the doily rug....

Mattie’s usual resting pose....

What a lady...lol.

Take Care,

Friday, March 22, 2019

Sharing of Needlework

Sharing projects is always the highlight of any fiber friends visit. Our trip to Edisto was no exception, and the projects shared were wonderful.

Julia’s tiny yo-yo flag

....just to give you an idea of the size, it is in a 4”x6” frame!
And her end table cover made from 30’s reproduction fabrics. These yo-yos are about 1/2-3/4” finished.

There must have been several hundred in this piece. We all got a lesson in tiny yo-yos, and I can assure you that they are tedious, but so darned cute!

These are some of Julia’s necktie CQ blocks. Hers are made from approximately 5” hexies.

I love the way she added the tags from some of the ties, especially this Liberty of London one.

It’s hard to believe there are so many interesting ties. The backs of each hexie is a tone on tone black.

This is Cathy’s hexie tie quilt.....

Her blocks are larger and she has added some lazy daisies to her feather stitching.

Cathy’s blocks were already joined and she has feather stitched over the seams. She said that the pretty Basket design came from a silk scarf.

I totally forgot to take pics of Julia’s pretty rugs and her finished crazy quilt. We were just so busy having fun....

And did I mention that I have already started collecting ties???

The rule: Pay no more than $1 for ties unless really special; if special, $2 max; 100%silk. The above ties all qualified at $1 each. Love the Tabasco bottle.

On the home front, the Estes’ pup, Maya, has a cameo appearance in The Heritage School’s play, Legally Blond. 

What a diva!

Take Care,

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

New Old Friends

Last week we met at Julia’s home in Edisto Island, SC, for a get together of new old friends. I must explain. I had met Julia last year at Caraway Rug School when she seeked me out and explained that she followed my blog as well as that of Lauren of Rugs and Pugs blog, and Lauren had told her to look me up. You see, I have followed Lauren’s blog for years and considered her a blog friend though we had never met. And then there was Cathy, a fellow fiber addict who was a friend of Julia’s from Georgia, that only Julia knew. So, a bunch of strangers, but not. And we had the best time. Many thanks to Julia for organizing this get together and having us at her lovely home!

Cathy, Julia, me and Lauren. Not the greatest photo but the best we could do.

Julia’s darling home.

Edisto Beach.  The water was cold, but the weather was beautiful. This pic is late in the afternoon.

Julia’s gorgeous Baltimore Album quilt....hand appliqué and quilting.

A dead pine inhabited by woodpeckers.

Spanish moss hanging from the trees over the sandy road.

Julia making tiny yoyos.

The entrance to the local veggie stand.

One of the basketmakers in Charleston making roses from Palmetto fronds.

Cathy with her amazing hand embroidered hexie quilt.

And a close up of the embroidery on one of her 1 1/2” hexies. Each hexie has a totally different embroidery motif, many of which are original.

Will post more of the needlework later since this post is photo heavy. Suffice to say, there was lots of sharing of ideas and skills going on.

Take Care,

Thursday, March 7, 2019

One Monthly Goal

I am linking up at Elm Street Quilts for the March OMG.

Be sure to visit and see what others are up to.

My OMG for March is to complete the central portion of  my UFO, Burgoyne Surrounded. As you have previously seen, I have now completed 8 of the 12 blocks...

Today I made some progress on the final four.

Then I will need to make sashings and assemble the center portion. After that I will move on to the appliqued borders.

Little Casper is the only one of our dogs who will ride on the Gator. He hops right up and is ready to go.

Buddy, soaking up a little sun on one of the rare days it wasn’t raining.

Just saying...;-)

Take Care,

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

CNC Grey Matters Event

Last night was the annual Can’t Never Could Grey Matters Fund Raiser Dinner.  Can’t Never Could was founded by Rob and Christi back in 2014 when Rob was diagnosed with brain cancer. The week after his diagnosis, he declared that he wanted to start a nonprofit to help others facing adversity and Can’t Never Could (which was what his mother told him when he was a child and said he couldn’t do something) was born. We are blessed to carry his wishes forward.

Christi welcoming our guests.

Our wonderful speaker, Bobby Henline.

Sara Ashley’s boyfriend, Henry, Sara Ashley, Bobby, Christi, Robert and his girlfriend, Christine.

Bobby holding his granddaughter.

Christine, Bobby and Board Member, Jennifer.

Sara Ashley, Bobby, Christi and Robert

Dani, Bobby and Macy

Christi, me, Ashley 

Rob’s medical team from Piedmont Atlanta with neuro oncologist Erin Dunbar far left, front row.

For any of you who might be interested in knowing more about CNC click here.  And if you know someone who might be served by us, please be sure to refer them to our site. We don’t only help brain tumor patients, we accept applications from people with many different types of adversity and from all over the US.

Take Care,