Thursday, July 26, 2012


I actually feel very positive about the progress made on my projects last week.  I stayed on task, which is amazing, and accomplished what I had hoped for on both of the projects that I planned to work on.

The first, the Freebie BOW from Primitive Gatherings, is now caught up.  All seven blocks thus far are completed.  They offered up a finishing kit this week, and I went ahead and ordered it.  Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the remaining blocks and end up with a cute little wallhanging.

Hen and House is also complete and ready to go on the wall in the mudroom.  I really like the way the braid turned out.  And that crazy chicken just makes me smile.

My hooking goal for this week is to get the Paisley Runner Rug ready to whip.  That will include trimming and finishing the edges of the linen and whipping the cording in.

On the quilting front, I want to prep all of the blocks received thus far in the Cockscombs and Pomegranates BOM from Jan Patek.  I don't know quite how far I will get with this.  Block #4 never arrived and I have notified them.  They said that they were shipping another on Thursday, but it hasn't showed up yet.  And Block #5 has background fabric that is too small for the block, so I emailed them last night about that.  I haven't heard from them, but that isn't unusual.....unfortunately.  Love their product, but hate their service.

Before it is time to take it down, I wanted to post a photo of the Cupboard Series Blooming Flag (Anita White) that was finished in time to be hung for the month of July.

I have many collections, and thought I'd share this one.  I have been collecting wallpockets for several years now.  Most are old, but some are modern.  They are hung on two adjacent walls in our basement dining area.

On our way home from Caraway last month I found this one at an antique mall.  It is unmarked, but looks like Nippon china.

My son in law, Matt, shared this one with me.  His grandmother recently passed away, and it is from her estate.  I thought it was really sweet of him to think of me.

This last one, I found at a yard sale for $1.  It is old, and one of my favorite shapes.

We have Market Day on the Square in downtown Newnan around the historic Court House once a month.  Vendors bring their wares, mostly handmade items.  It is a great place to shop and I never fail to find something that has to come home with me.  Last month I found this great little house that now sits at our back entry.  Can you see the little handle and hinges on the door ?......too sweet.

Yesterday Kathie, Laura, Diane and I gathered at Diane's for "Eric Day".  This has been our habit ever since our hooking teacher, Eric Sandberg, moved to Virginia.  We figure that even if we don't have a teacher, we can get together monthly and encourage each other, hammer out our hooking questions and other dilemnas, eat good food (thanks, Diane, it was really delicious!!!), and just generally enjoy each other.  As always, it was wonderful.  I am so blessed to have these friendships.

It has taken two days to get this post done.  First it was Blogger, and then my computer wasn't recognizing my camera.  A day late and a dollar short, but here you go.


A new hairdresser who listened when I said "not too short".
Mexican food.
And a husband who indulges my love of Mexican food.
Sharing funny memories of childhood.

Take care,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project Overload

Since the weather has gotten too hot to work in the yard all day, I have been working on my projects a little more.  Seems I had weeks when that wasn't the case, as the yard and garden were constantly calling.

I am, as usual, on Project Overload.  So many things I want to finish, start, dream know the routine.  I really think I could have Adult ADD....honestly!  I so admire those people, like my dear friend, Diane, who can only work on one or two things at a time and totally finish them before she moves on.  I just don't have it in me.  I so wish I did.  I have a million plans on how I am going to do better, finish what I start, etc., but I just keep doing what I do.  I guess I am too old to change.

We have just finished Block #5 on the Kisses from your Beloved BOM.  These are turning out nicely.  I like the colors and the technique ruler is fun to use.  I think I can use it on lots of other quilts if I just take the time to figure out where it will work.  Making flying geese and half square triangles with it is amazing.  I would even consider making a whole quilt with some of these blocks.  Despite the fact that there are so many pieces, they are quick to do with this ruler.  Sound like an advertisement, don't I?

I joined the Primitive Gatherings Summer Block of the Week this year.  When you do that, you also get an adorable freebie each week.  I haven't started the BOW because they are only shipping the wool to many of us because of a backorder on the background fabric.  I am working on the little freebies.  I got the woolen pieces fused last week and this week I am doing the blanket stitching and embroidery.

I am excited to be signed up for a class with Lisa Bonegan from Primitive Gatherings in September here in Georgia.  Even though I already know how to do wool applique, there is always something new to learn.  And I am really hoping that she brings a Trunk Show.

Hen and House is blocked and ready for finishing.  I have prepped the fabric for the braiding to complete it and hope to get that done this week, also.  Kathie, the braiding expert, helped me choose the colors......primitive black, a textured gold and a textured red.

It was nice to finally get my rugs back from their three month stay at our guild rug show.  Hidden in the Garden is finally on the floor for the first time.  Roxie always has to try a new rug out.......I think she approves.

The summer storm that blew through last night gave us some much needed rain.  We didn't need the dead tree that fell on our garden fence and flattened the young corn.  Thank goodness the damage was only minimal.  And that the chicken coop was unharmed!!

While I was picking veggies this morning, I noticed how pretty the colors in this okra blossom were.

Think I will go stitch for awhile now.


Mornings in the garden.
The smell of summer rains.
Fresh veggies.

Take care,

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chicken Update

Lots of news in the chicken world.........some good, some bad.  Raising chickens is certainly as much fun as everyone said, not so much work if the temperatures don't top the 100s, but a little unpredictable.

Since the last post, we added three chicks that were about 6 weeks old a few days after the initial crew joined us.  There was a Black Copper Maran, a Cuckoo Maran and a Rhode Island Red.  We lost the little cuckoo maran, who knows why, within a couple of days, but the other girls have grown and done well. That being said, the Rhode Island Red is definitely not a RIR, but a mystery chick instead.  Which is a little disappointing, because Blake had RIRs as a child and we really wanted one.  Maybe next year.  This is Lily (the Black Copper Maran) and Ginger (the mystery chick); it was hard to get a good photo of them, but they are best buds and almost always together:

While I was at rug camp, my very favorite chicken, Nugget (the Lemon Cuckoo Orpington pullet) got sick and died.......Blake is pretty sure that it was the fault of her mate, Captain Cluck, our Lemon Cuckoo Orpington rooster.  So, Captain Cluck went to live where there are more hens for him to woo (and a promise that he won't be dinner at his new home).  I decided that I would just forego having a rooster and was good with that (although I did love hearing him crow).  However, when I arrived home Blake had suspicions that our handsome Easter Egger pullet just might not be a had been strutting about ever since Captain Cluck left the coop.  I was sure that he must be wrong.  Two days later, much to my dismay, Zulu (the Easter Egger) began to crow.  It was really hard to tell Blake that he was right.  He will get to stay provided he is a good boy (the rooster, not Blake VBG).  Right now he is.......and he is very protective of his girls.  We will see.

So, after I got home from rug camp we decided to add to our flock since we were down three.  We found a really nice guy over in Carrollton, loaded up Sara Ashley and Macy and went to select a couple of pullets.  Which turned out to be five.......yes, five to replace three.  Go figure.  Anyway, they were chosen, loaded and had names (thanks granddaughters) before we arrived home.  After a few days of isolation, they have now integrated into the family.

This is Chloe, the little Black Cochin.  She is definitely the most timid of the girls.

Snowflake is a Splash Cochin and quite a little beauty.

Ronnie is a Blue Laced Wyandotte and is very personable. She really likes people and enjoys being petted and picked up.  She was also the first to adapt to the other chickens. 

The Ameracauna, Puff, is also very friendly with people.  She has little tufts of cheek feathers when you see her head on.

Alex is a Buff Orpington and quite a lovely girl.  She doesn't care much to be handled, though.  She was the first to join the old girls on the roost; despite the fact that she received some pecks, she persisted and won.

I couldn't resist adding this photo of little Stella, one of our original girls.  She is some kind of a Cochin, maybe a Partridge???  At any rate, she is so funny and full of attitude.....and she is so busy; she never misses a trick.

And Bobbie, one of our original girls.

We have no eggs yet, as our two oldest girls are still only about six months.  Hopefully in the next month or so.  And pray that we have no more roosters or someone else will have to go.

During the horrible heatwave, Blake and I worked like dogs to keep these chickens alive.  Tarps for more shade, fans, ice water, electrolytes, apple cider vinegar, frozen water bottles, name it.  But it was worth it, as we didn't lose anybody.

Everyone thinks I am spoiling them, and maybe I am, but that is okay.  Margaret Woody, a rug camp friend, told me about a concoction that her girls loved.  I tried it and she was right.  Every morning I serve them up whole wheat pasta, a little yogurt or cottage cheese and some fresh veggies or fruit.  They nearly knock me down coming in the gate they are so excited!  I am also hand feeding them oatmeal, which they love.

Okay, I know, enough chickens.


Watching the little granddaughters have fun with the chickens.....and knowing that we are making memories.
Time to do things like chickens and gardens.

Take care,

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Yikes....I started this post two weeks ago and never finished it!!  Well, here goes.............

Our week at Caraway was everything we had hoped for.  Good companionship, a great teacher, three meals a cooking, no clean up, hooking, wool, vendors.  A rughooker's paradise.

Sunday started with Laura, Kathie, Diane, Jan and me piling everything (and I mean everything) into two cars and hitting the road.  A few potty breaks, a good lunch and lots of laughter later, we arrived at Caraway and were greeted by our fearless leader, Eric Sandberg.  We settled into our room, classroom, ate, sat through orientation and then got busy in the classroom with our wonderful teacher, Anita White.

It was fun to have so many friends in our class.  We encouraged one another, laughed a lot, got into a little after hours mischief, and did a heck of a lot of hooking.

In addition, we were offered several mini classes.  I chose to take Anita's class where we made really cute wool notebook covers.  I finished hooking mine at camp and Anita showed us how to stitch it up - we actually came home with a finished project!!!!

I started two rugs with Anita, and made decent progress on both.  The first was Anita's pattern, Paisley Runner (below).  I love the colors and the design was a dream to hook.  It is finished now and awaiting binding, but the photo is what I got done at camp.  The second rug, by Sharon Smith, is Readers, and you can see my start on it below, also.  I changed the dog to a schnauzer, of course, and got a little of that hooked with Anita, also.

Friday morning arrived more quickly than you could ever imagine.  It was nice to get home, but also nice to know that we can look forward to next year at Caraway!!!


The camaraderie of friends, old and new, as we gather to enjoy a like art/craft.
Coming home.

Take care,