Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Running Late...Again

I did actually get a Mary Brown block finished this month, but didn’t get it posted on the 30th. 
So, here you go...better late than never.

And I have another prepped, so maybe another block this month.

My Burnham 64 scroll rug is a bit of a slow go, but a pleasant hook.

I like it and the rather old fashioned look it has. I changed to a primitive black background because the medium brown got lost in too many areas. 

Thanksgiving was lovely and spent with family at Ebeneezer Stone Farm. We forgot to take pics. 

My concession to early Christmas decorating...

Buddy said he wasn’t moving. I have never been an early Christmas decorator. This is the earliest I have ever had my tree up. And I have wreaths on the doors. Woohoo!

Take Care,