Monday, February 15, 2021

A Few Things

I just can’t seem to get it all together. I have several finishes or finished except for the fully finishing, but I can’t even seem to get them photographed to blog. So I am just going to go ahead with what I have.

First of all, Burnham 64, my scroll rug, is a finish as far as hooking.

Now into the blocking and binding stack.

Next up for finishing is the Small Frost primitive oriental.

I finally finished cross stitching this little Bird in Hand chart by Blackbird Designs.

I love this piece, but didn’t enjoy the stitching. The problem was the linen. I pulled it from the scrap bin and it honestly felt rubbery when handling it. Also, the coverage was terrible with one thread , so I had to use two over two. It took me two skeins of Weeks Merlot!
Yesterday I fully finished it into a simple pin tuck and am totally happy with it. 

It will be the first of a collection of red and white pin tucks for my dining room. 

Thinking of all of you who are enduring bad weather. We have had a moderate winter and the first of our daffodils are blooming. Think I will go pick a handful ♥️

Take Care,

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Some End of 2020 Crossstitch

Yes, I do know that we are over a month into 2021, but this just happens to be what I have to share today. 

2020 was my first year back into cross stitch since the late 80s early 90s. My first couple of tries made me wonder if perhaps I had lost the skills necessary for this craft which I had once adored. I had certainly lost the ability to see those high counts of linen. But I was determined, and I think I have made good progress. I ended the year with THIRTY FIVE finishes!!!! Now all but six of these were smalls, but hey, I‘ll take it. Six were Samplers, on the small to medium side. 

Below are some of my end of the year finishes.....

Esther Cannon by Heartstring Samplers.

Julia Fooks by GiGiR.

Three Christmas smalls by Pineberry Lane that still need FFOing.

All eight of St Nicholas Prairie Schooler Santas waiting to be FFOed using Vonna’s ornament tag instructions. 

And back from Total Framing, Mary Oakley by Pineberry Lane.

And Martha Scott by GiGiR.

Martha may just be my favorite stitch for 2020. I adore that wee house. 

I am well into my plan for 2021 and will post that when I do a little pressing and take photos. 

I discovered this wonderful mix recently. Quick, easy and yummy. Won’t even tell you how much butter is in this small loaf cake🤣🤣🤣

Mattie is leading a difficult winter life.

Summer finds her outside and on guard, but she passes on the cooler weather.

Take Care,