Thursday, July 4, 2013

One of those days

It was one of those days.  Lots of busyness........good stuff, though.  Time with Macy and Jackson in their fort with a flashlight sharing funny stories.......mine were about their mom and aunt when they were little girls.  They loved to hear them and I loved telling them.

Lunch at Sprayberrys with the girls and their kids, Blake and me.  Good food, noisy sharing and a blessed opportunity to just be together for no special reason other than we want to be.

Lots of rain here, and a lazy nap following my haircut this afternoon.  A trip to the chicken yard and garden between showers, breakfast for supper and a little wool embroidery afterwards.

Then some catching up on my emails and favorite blogs.  And trying to figure out how to go from Google Reader (because it is supposed to be closing down) to Bloglovin' to follow my favorite blogs.  Took a little work, but it is done......using it looks easy enough, but old habits die hard.

Found this wonderful little graphic on Hanne's blog tonight and thought I would share.  It pretty much sums up my day.

Take care,

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