Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We aced it!!!

For all of you who sent positive thoughts our way, thank you!  The good news is that Blake and I aced our Master Gardener midterm exam. We were relieved, surprised and thrilled!! Now we can start worrying about the finals...what can I is what we do.

Last night I worked on the blocks for the Sarah Fielke BOM. It is going to be such a fun quilt. This is a rough sketch of the quilt...
Each month you receive a pdf of the blocks for that month. February was the first month.  We received the pattern for the 6" stars that are scattered throughout the pattern. We can work on them over several months. Here are my first two...
Along with the block for the month... A double churn dash....done in colors that are totally out of the box for me, but I am having fun with them.  The center of the churn dash is so darned cute....
Tiny kitties.....Minny Muu by Lecien.

I am up to 250 on my mini Bow Tie Leaders and Enders. I have plenty of background cut, but need to hit the scraps and cut some more Bow Ties.

This dear couple is celebrating their 20th anniversary tonight.

Rob and Robert had a special time at the Hawks game this week.
Robert contacted the Hawks General Manager, explained his dad's diagnosis and asked if they could do something special for them when they attended the game. Did they ever! They met the team, as well as Dominic Wilkins. Free jerseys, autographs, court side seats and more. Talk about special memories being made! So proud of Robert for doing this.

Sara Ashley (with her bestie) is in Washington DC with her class this week.

And little Mattie....
She plays hard and sleeps hard.  She has already outgrown her baby collar and moved up to this bright yellow reflective one. All the better to see you my dear.

Take Care,

Sunday, February 21, 2016


No slow stitching this Sunday. Got a little in earlier in the week on Block 12 of Words to Live By.....
Linking up with Kathy

Most of this week has been devoted to studying for our midterm on Tuesday. I am overwhelmed.
Handbook would be a misnomer. This baby is 684 pages!!

My 2 1/2" strip bin is overflowing.
I think that it is calling for a simple project to make a dent in it. Like Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trip Around the World. Here are my first two blocks.....easy peasy, just what I need.

 I want to have a black constant running through it. I don't know that the black polka dot strip is going to work. We'll is early yet.

Just look at this beautiful egg....fresh from the chicken. Yummy, too.

We have both....

Back to the books. 
 Take care,

Saturday, February 20, 2016

This and That

It has been one of those weeks....not much time to spend on my needle crafts. More errands than usual, and studying for the Master Gardener midterm. Did I mention that retention of information is a problem:-((

Another string pieced brown star for RSC2016. I think that you can see where this is going.
I donated last year's RSC Wonky Stars to the guild for a charity quilt.  Linking up at So Scrappy.

Finished the Vintage Postcard Bunny.

Did a couple more rectangles on the scrappy rug....

And finally finished Clue 5 of Allietaire.
On to Clue 6 next week. Would love to finish this before the Bonnie Hunter class in June.

We transplanted lots of these Lenten Roses from Ashley & Matt's house last fall. They all lived and most are blooming.

Love the early Snowdrops that are blooming, too.

Mattie is definitely one of the pack now.

Take Care,

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sew Crazy Day

Today was Sew Crazy day. Thought you might enjoy some of the incredible work these ladies turn out.

Sandy's pretty little tabletopper, quilted on her sit down Juki.

Louise's polar bears. Love the borders on this one.

Louise also does gorgeous cross stitch. These flowers and butterflies look real. She says she still needs to add the antennas to the butterflies.

She is also stitching on Crabapple Hill's Witches Parade. This is the first panel, and she has started the second.

And now for Debi's (our over achiever, who turns out the most incredible quilts in record time) accomplishments.
Two house wallhangings. Love them both.

These 36" stars are made from selvedges !!! I am in awe that you can make this, literally from nothing.

This bright beauty was made from some scraps salvaged from our dog bed offerings. Love the black and white settings on the pinwheels.

My favorite...Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage. There is nothing about this quilt that I don't love.

She plans to frame this sweet wool applique.

And finally, this sweet little piece from Norma Whaley's FB club, Bits and Bobs.
Good advice, too.

Enjoyed having Macy spend the night this week during her winter break.
She loves Mattie.

Here are the Estes with their ski instructor at Breckenridge.


Take Care,

Saturday, February 13, 2016


The RSC color for October is brown. I was able to accomplish a brown string star tonight.
I like these.  They may be the only RSC 2016 blocks I get done, as I still have last year's to finish. But I am okay with that. I will still have the fun of playing along, and a few scraps will be used up. Click on the RSC button to see what the other participants are doing.

I hooked a couple more small rectangles from my worms....

And I got one of my sewing machine tables and the cutting table cleared except for the current project.  

I won't show you where all of that stuff went :-((

I am making progress on Allietaire and almost have the bunny rug bound.

My friend, Kathie, gifted me with the most amazing thing. A Zirkle....
It is magnetic, and when you drop your pins on it, they line up, heads out, ready to use. I am in awe. 

Miss Mattie is growing by leaps and bounds. 
She has plenty of puppy toys, but has an affinity for Buddy's big old gorilla.

Poor Buddy...

This week has been difficult for our family, as we received the bad news that Rob's tumor is growing. They will take a wonderful family vacation to Colorado for a week and then return to formulate a new plan to fight this monster.  Once again, prayers appreciated.

Take Care,

Monday, February 8, 2016


Thirty six dog beds delivered to the shelter today...

And 51 cases made for more. But not en masse. I am thinking that I might distribute some to quilting friends to fill, stitch up and either donate themselves or return to me to distribute. It might work, as so many people really don't want to see their scrap go to waste, and they live the idea of helping animals.  Anyway, I just couldn't let all of that cover fabric go to waste. At the end of the day, I used up everything!!!!
Quite a difference.

After all of that, I blocked the bunny rug. And then I treated myself to hooking to rectangles on my scrappy rug.
With a rectangle here and there, I am Moving Forward and linking up for Moving Forward Monday. Click on the link on the sidebar to see what others are doing to move their projects forward.

Next up, I have to make space to get my 1630 Berninas back in its table...

And find the work surface on my cutting table.
Honestly, I just can't work like this. How does it get this way????

Off to study for my Master Gardener class tomorrow.

Take Care,