Monday, September 30, 2019

OMG & Mary Brown

Today was D-Day for two of my projects. Whew!!!

I’m linking up at 
Elm Street Quilts for my September OMG. Finished hooking Ric Rac this afternoon. Would have been done earlier but I had to do a little reverse hooking as I got my final border off the hooking line. Ughhhhhh. 

It’s repaired now and ready to block and bind. It was way past time for a finish on this one.

I got off to a late start on . 
Celebrating Mary Brown.  When I saw this one, I knew I would like to do it with a group to keep me motivated, and these ladies kindly welcomed me in. By the time I received the pattern and background fabric, it was mid month. I got all of the 10 1/2” background blocks cut out (there were 51, if I recall correctly). And I made a good start on the four blocks.

The fourth is underway. Then I will trim and join them so that I can add the stems which overlap into the three corner blocks. Go visit these ladies to see their work....
and Jan (no blog but Nanette will share pics.
Hopefully I will get these done this week. They are challenging blocks.

Macy’s JV cheer team won 3rd at a recent competition. Way to go girls!!

My farmer...

Take Care,

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Crafters ‘ Retreat

Last weekend was our annual Crafters’ Retreat in the North Georgia mountains. The weather was beautiful even though the leaves weren’t changing yet.

The Retreat is held here....

A crafters’ cabin complete with tables, comfy chairs, ott lites, and just about anything else a crafter could want.

Here’s the crew working on the wreath project Jill brought along for us...





And yours truly.

I worked on a couple of projects that didn’t require much in the way of supplies to avoid carrying so much.

Happy Hexies BOM from Sarah Edgar Pretty Fabrics and Trims. This is month one and there are twelve blocks each month. They are fun, quick and easy in addition to being pretty.

And the start of a heart quilt. I have always wanted to make one, and when I saw this 3” heart template from Pretty Fabrics and Trims, decided that now was the time. It will be a nice portable project to work on at my own pace. I am using reds, blues and pinks from my stash. 

My OMG,  Ric Rac, is coming along and I should be able to get the hooking finished by the end of the month.

We celebrated Sara Ashley’s 18th birthday. 

Love some SEC of the many wonderful things about Fall.

Take Care,

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


How could we ever forget...

Remembering in our town....

It only seemed fitting that I work on the God Bless America quilt.

Lots of 1/2 square triangles coming together. Almost ready to add flags!

Take Care,

Friday, September 6, 2019


Choosing my OMG for September was challenging. There are so many things that I want to work on.  

I am playing catch up on the pretty Liberty Periodical after falling a shocking four months behind. This week I have completed the four pieced blocks...

And prepped the four appliqué blocks.

Then there is God Bless America. I have put this small lower section together....

But when I started to cut the star section for the flag stars, I was 2” short of the amount of fabric needed.

When I contacted Temecula, they were nice, admitted they knew that there was a mistake and would send more fabric next week. Everything else is cut for the flags and I can go ahead and assemble the remaining half square triangles. That should keep me plenty busy.

There is also the Wool Summer Block of the Week from Primitive Gatherings. 

I only need to complete the fancy stitching on 1 1/2 more blocks. Then the finishing kit will show up.

And last of all, the new start, Remembering Mary Brown, that intense appliqué quilt. But I haven’t received the pattern yet.

But I finally settled on the Ric Rac Rug. It measures 
31 x 50 and I have made significant progress.

I think that I can get the hooking finished by the end of the month.  So I am linking up over at Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal.

From Instagram.....

Take Care,

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Shepherd

Yesterday Blake and I went to Jam’n at the Farmer’s Market in search of supplies to install a fountain birdbath. We had never been to Jam’n and were surprised and pleased by their service and with all of the unique items they carry. We were professionally helped with our fountain supplies, including tips on installation. And then there was this.....

Isn’t this just so sweet?? I fell in love and Blake obliged by gifting it to me. He graces my newest garden bed, awaiting the company of some lovely plantings.

I have been online friends with Karen at 
Log Cabin Quilter for ages. She does the most incredible appliqué, and lots of it. She and a few others have just finished the Dearest Boy quilt by Jean Cerbone (available on Etsy), and have called out for anyone interested in joining their next quilt along. They will be stitching Remembering Mary Brown by Corliss Searcey, available over at Sentimental Stitches(follow the link for a photo and more info). Can I just say, both beautiful and overwhelming! However.... I know..... but I have been thinking for awhile now that I should stitch something worthy of the time and effort a quilt requires. Something challenging and beautiful. Well, folks, this is it....packed into a package requiring me to be accountable, which is no small thing. I have committed, ordered the pattern and background fabric. I am already behind for the September start, but hopefully everything will arrive this week. Wish me

Prayers for all of those in the path of Dorian...especially dear friend, Julia.

Just saying....

Take Care,