Friday, August 30, 2019

Another Finish

This one a cross stitch finish, my first in many years.

This was a kit saved from my early days of stitching. 
Hospitality Sampler, by Words of Praise...

I see an occasional kit by them on eBay, but see no indication that they are still in business.

When I retired in 2011 I started it, but set it aside with only the alphabet completed. Recently it was calling my name, as I’ve had a renewed interest in cross stitch.
I am pleased with the results, though it isn’t perfect. The eyesight isn’t what it once was, and I am using both a magnifier and additional lighting. I have plans to stitch some additional pieces.

All 888 1/2 square triangles for God Bless America are stitched, pressed and trimmed.

Now onto construction.

Last night was NHS Spirit Night at the Redneck Gourmet. A fundraiser for the cheerleaders. Blake and I were happy to be able to support them.

Take Care,

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Happy Birthday Rob

Today was Rob’s second birthday in heaven. 

Christi, Ashley, Martha Ann (Rob’s mom) and I spent a good portion of the day in Gay at Ebeneezer Stone Farm. Rob blessed us with many signs of his presence...the beautiful water bird on the pond, furling it’s wings to resemble a cross, an aerial stunt show by four small planes who came out of nowhere, performed right above us and disappeared into nowhere just as quickly, and a couple of favorite songs on the radio on the way to lunch at Blackbird of his favorite places.  We shared memories, laughed and cried. 

We put flowers on his resting place...

Sang Happy Birthday and shared birthday cake. 

It was a sweet day and a hard day. He is still fiercely missed by so many. We love you Rob❤️

Take Care,

Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Pecking Order is almost a top.

The rows are all assembled, but my considerable stash offered up nothing suitable for borders or backing. Guess this calls for a little armchair shopping.

On the quilt scene, I must admit that I joined in on the Temecula Quilt Shop SAL, 
God Bless America.
This is their finished quilt, photo from their blog...

How could I resist? I have been diligently, for the most part, stitching along on the 888, 2” finished, half square triangles required. I am about 3/4 of the way done with them. And thus far I have only used scraps from my scrap saver system. Makes trimming up all of those scraps worthwhile!

Speaking of the scrap saver system, one of Christi’s quilting friends hands off her scraps to me.  She uses fabrics that are usually quite different from what I purchase and add a little interest to my stash.

Here is one of SA’s Senior pics.

Quite different from our stiffly posed pics in formal drapes!!

Robert and Jermaine are getting along famously.

Enjoying a few days of rainfall and cooler weather here. Boy, do our gardens need it.

Isn’t it the truth???

Take Care,

Monday, August 26, 2019


I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am. You see, less than a week ago it was this....

But now I have this...

Many thanks go to Blake for sticking with me to get those cabinets assembled. I won’t say more about  It is so nice to have a place for everything in my hooking room. Now if I can just keep it like this.

Despite the above project taking up most of my time for days, I have moved forward a bit on the Ric Rac Rug. 

I found several hooking UFOs while cleaning and reorganizing. My intentions are to focus on them over the next few months. Unlike as is the case with my quilting UFOs, I can see an end in sight with these. 

I am not sure that Miss Mattie is ever going to grow up. At age 3 1/2 years, she is still up to this....

It’s a good thing that we love that crazy girl!!

The Grady Lunch Bunch met here for August for another planning day for our upcoming class reunion.

And that’s about it for now.

Happy National Dog Day!

Take Care,

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Finish!!

I finished...hooking it, that is. Still need to block and bind.

Wilton Rose Heroic, started at  2018 Caraway Rug School, teacher Jeanne Benjamin.

And, of course, the dog’s eye view. Thank you Casper.

Next up, Ric Rac Rug, 2017 Caraway Rug School, teacher Nancy Parcels .

Another good sized one.

Haven’t pulled any loops on this one since Rug School.  It’s a fun hook, no reason for it not being done. 

It’s been Back to School time for the grands...

Sara Ashley’s Senior year at The Heritage School. Hard to believe.

Christopher, 5th grade at Poplar Road Elementary,

Jackson, 5th grade at Elm Street Elementary, and Macy, 8th grade at Evans Middle School.
No pic of Robert, who headed back to UGA, but here is a picture of his college bound kitten, Jermaine. 

Looks as if he is settling in. Jerome protested and wouldn’t leave his new

I think I have made it....

Take Care,

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Almost There

I will admit up front that I am not  accomplishing much on the stitching/hooking goals, but this summer our yard has been calling my name. For the last couple of years, for various reasons, we have basically done the bare minimum on our yard, so this has been the year to try to really get some things done. 

The one thing that is almost done is the Wilton Rose Rug. I am closing in on a finish.

This little corner is all that I lack!!  I am pretty pleased about that.

This is one of my new daylilies....

Her name is Canoochee Princess.

My Grady Lunch Bunch met.

 We are working hard at planning our 50th class reunion.
This is my graduation photo from 50 years ago....
My what fifty years does to us!!!

And the old hospital folks had lunch again...

The Estes family vacationed in Colorado.

And the Hornes in Alabama....

Take Care,