Friday, May 3, 2019

Rather Amazing

On Sunday I declared that I would try to commit to hooking on the Doily rug at least 15 minutes a day. 
This was Sunday...

And today!!

Pretty amazing, huh? Of course, the truth is what I had already acknowledged. If you hook for 15 minutes, you will likely sit and hook awhile longer, which is what happened with me. At any rate, I can see the end in site.

I have been stitching an easy quilt, Pecking Order by Missouri Star Quilt (there is a You Tube with free pattern). It calls for one Charm Pack of a print and some solids, which I cut from yardage. I had pulled some charms from a couple of packs, so I combined them and chose from each.....

I still have parts of these two charm packs left, so it didn’t do much towards my goal of using up the precuts in my burgeoning cubby. This project made a good Leaders and Enders project, but I finally just finished the blocks up. I have four rows put together and think I could even see this top finished in May.

A fellow Master Gardener identified my pretty purple rose as Veilchenblau.....

She’s a David Austin rose, my favorites. Thanks for your help, Audrey!!

My dear Robert lost his companion, comforter and confidante this week. 

His Instagram post...

My heart breaks for him. So much loss in his young life.

On a lighter note...

Take care and have a great weekend,


  1. Oh so sad to lose a beloved pet, I still miss my boy Ben. Well, I miss all my departed furry friends but Ben was the most recent loss so is forefront in my mind.
    Your rug is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  2. I use the same theory for my counted cross stitching--and like you--often find I am there longer--but if not and even when I can only get a couple stitches in--I know that means I am a couple more stitches closer to the finish line!!! I love love that project--love the colors--the flowers all of it!!!
    Am sorry you son lost his companion--that is never easy--hope he heals soon--
    luv, di

  3. Your rug hooking is looking beautiful! I have Pecking Order on my cutting table and hope to start it soon--love your idea of doing in as leaders and enders!

  4. Love your rug!
    Hugs to Robert. So sorry he has to deal with yet another loss.