Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Finish Line

I am down to the finish line on the Doily Rug. 

It really isn’t darker on one end, that was a shadow from where I photographed it. I think that I might add a little more black around the left hand border to balance it a bit better. Now to steam and get it bound. Not my favorite part( insert a big whine here).

The Sew Crazies were here yesterday. 
Debi had made this cute wall hanging from the goodies in her Sew Sampler box.

And Sandra has cross stitched this pretty piece as a door prize for her family reunion.

She obviously loves her family...lol.

Casper found a comfy place to nap while the ladies stitched and talked....

And, yes, the corner of my hooking room does look that bad. And I don’t foresee it getting better in the near future. I really need to have a closet built.

One of our native azaleas in bloom.


Take Care,


  1. Your rug is gorgeous!!! Jennie, on your worse day in your hooking room it will still look better than a good day in mine.