Tuesday, May 7, 2019


It seems only right that I should take this push to finish the Doily Rug to a new level and claim finishing it completely (that includes binding...ughhhhhh) as my One Monthly Goal. I am continuing to make progress...only two more fans and the outside border.

Linking up at ElmStreet Quilts.

I finished Month 3 of Liberty Periodical last week, but never got around to making pics.

And I don’t think that I ever shared the sweet sewing basket that I purchased in Charleston.

It was my big splurge and I love it. It is so beautifully made. And you wouldn’t believe how heavy it is. Right now it has my hand piecing in it.

Our arbor never fails to delight us each Spring....

Hope everyone has a great week. Time for me to change from Gardener to Rug Hooker. Looking forward to seeing my pals at Happy Hookers tonight.

Take Care,


  1. You are making great progress on the doily rug. So pretty.
    That basket is amazing and that arbor---WOWZA!!!

  2. wow good progress! love your arbor so beautiful. The basket is wonderful.
    happy spring/summer

  3. This is lovely. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  4. Your arbor is amazing! It is beautiful! Your rug is going to be amazing when it is done. I hope you are able to achieve your goal this month.

  5. Your doily rug is delightful. I love the colors you've chosen and how you're hooking the flowers. I hope you get it finished this month!
    Your arbor is amazing. It looks beautiful and I'm sure it smells wonderful.