Monday, May 20, 2019

ATHA Dogwood Hook In

Saturday was our Spring Hook In. There were lots of ladies, just a few vendors, some wonderful rugs and a presentation on antique rugs by Tricia Travis. 

I am sharing some of the lovely rugs from the rug show. I tried to get all of the labels in the photos. Unfortunately, the writing isn’t very dark.

Great rugs, right? Hard to pick a favorite. So many techniques and sizes, even a cute foot stool.

My beautiful violet...don’t know her name, but each bloom is the size of a quarter. I have had her for years.

She needs repotting, but blooms better when root bound.

Such truths...

Take care,


  1. wonderful wonderful rugs!! Who could pick a favorite? Love your violet I have my mother's and it blooms constantly, it is root bound too.

  2. Wonderful rugs for sure. My mother always grew wonderful violets but mine failed even when trying to do what she said.

  3. Some gorgeous pieces. I am intrigued by the portraits. I would not think of doing this in rug hooking form but it works well.