Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We aced it!!!

For all of you who sent positive thoughts our way, thank you!  The good news is that Blake and I aced our Master Gardener midterm exam. We were relieved, surprised and thrilled!! Now we can start worrying about the finals...what can I is what we do.

Last night I worked on the blocks for the Sarah Fielke BOM. It is going to be such a fun quilt. This is a rough sketch of the quilt...
Each month you receive a pdf of the blocks for that month. February was the first month.  We received the pattern for the 6" stars that are scattered throughout the pattern. We can work on them over several months. Here are my first two...
Along with the block for the month... A double churn dash....done in colors that are totally out of the box for me, but I am having fun with them.  The center of the churn dash is so darned cute....
Tiny kitties.....Minny Muu by Lecien.

I am up to 250 on my mini Bow Tie Leaders and Enders. I have plenty of background cut, but need to hit the scraps and cut some more Bow Ties.

This dear couple is celebrating their 20th anniversary tonight.

Rob and Robert had a special time at the Hawks game this week.
Robert contacted the Hawks General Manager, explained his dad's diagnosis and asked if they could do something special for them when they attended the game. Did they ever! They met the team, as well as Dominic Wilkins. Free jerseys, autographs, court side seats and more. Talk about special memories being made! So proud of Robert for doing this.

Sara Ashley (with her bestie) is in Washington DC with her class this week.

And little Mattie....
She plays hard and sleeps hard.  She has already outgrown her baby collar and moved up to this bright yellow reflective one. All the better to see you my dear.

Take Care,


  1. Whoohoo on acing your test. I've thought of doing the Master Gardener class but my memory is so flaky these days that I don't think I could remember enough, especially if you have to know the scientific names for everything.

  2. Congrats on acing your tests. You can see that Mattie feels safe and part of the family unit, such a sweet pup. Are the fabrics you're using from your cotton stash or is there also a round robin fabric exchange in this challenge too?

  3. Oh, I see you are doing the Sarah Fielke quilt. I previously read something about her bom but knew I should not get involved......but seeing yours makes it tempting.
    Special time at the Hawks game for father and son. So thoughtful.

  4. What an uplifting post!
    Congrats on your acing the test. I knew you would.
    Your daughter and S-I-L are such a beautiful couple. Congrats on 20 years and I pray that they will have many more.
    What a mature grandson to have contacted the GM and had such amazing results.
    And granddaughter. What a doll!
    You are an amazing family.
    Hugs :)

  5. This BOM was very tempting and you've made a lovely start. Nice to be pushed out of your comfort aone from time to time with different fabrics and colours! Thank you for visiting me from soscrappy a while back... sorry I've been slow to respond! I love the string pieced stars you are making - they are very effective :-)