Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Stuff

Meant to post my January Quilty 365 circles yesterday, but time got away from me.
So, this is January. I have more similar colors than I thought. Need to branch out a bit more in February.

Here are my first two February circles...
More similar colors. But there are plenty of days left in the year to work on that. Visit Audrey to see what others are doing.

I am getting the binding stitched on this runner and will soon have a finish for February. 
A finish at the beginning of the month seems to give me a more positive mind set for accomplishing projects for the remainder of the month.

Plucked this beautiful Camellia from my yard this morning.  It is unseasonably warm here, with temps in the low 70s. Crazy!!

I treated this guy to birthday dinner last night. Three celebratory dinners in a row.

Today was our Master Gardener class. My brain is most definitely on overload.
Nice bunch of folks in our class.

In honor of Buddy and Mattie....and with many thanks to all of those folks who work so tirelessly for these animals.

Take Care,


  1. Yesterday I took another 5 packed full shopping bags of fabrics to the crafters at the local Senior Center. Just looking at your quilt makes me realize just how tedius and precise quilting is.

    Looking at the picture of the pup reminds me that my departed Shadow girl used to smile at me. When I would mention this to my now ex, he denied it was a smile. But I know it was with that upturned lip which occurred at times and no way he can convince me otherwise.

  2. I like your circles and master gardening - how great!

  3. Your circles are wonderful - great variety of fabrics and cheerful colors. What more could anyone ask.

  4. Great looking circles! Thanks for joining in.:)