Friday, February 19, 2016

Sew Crazy Day

Today was Sew Crazy day. Thought you might enjoy some of the incredible work these ladies turn out.

Sandy's pretty little tabletopper, quilted on her sit down Juki.

Louise's polar bears. Love the borders on this one.

Louise also does gorgeous cross stitch. These flowers and butterflies look real. She says she still needs to add the antennas to the butterflies.

She is also stitching on Crabapple Hill's Witches Parade. This is the first panel, and she has started the second.

And now for Debi's (our over achiever, who turns out the most incredible quilts in record time) accomplishments.
Two house wallhangings. Love them both.

These 36" stars are made from selvedges !!! I am in awe that you can make this, literally from nothing.

This bright beauty was made from some scraps salvaged from our dog bed offerings. Love the black and white settings on the pinwheels.

My favorite...Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage. There is nothing about this quilt that I don't love.

She plans to frame this sweet wool applique.

And finally, this sweet little piece from Norma Whaley's FB club, Bits and Bobs.
Good advice, too.

Enjoyed having Macy spend the night this week during her winter break.
She loves Mattie.

Here are the Estes with their ski instructor at Breckenridge.


Take Care,


  1. Great quilts! There are women in my guild who turn out a couple of quilts a week. Finished quilts. Just amazes me. I like Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage also.

  2. Wow, that Debi IS an over achiever. Witch stitchery is cute. Oh I'd love to give Mattie a smooch and I can definitely relate to that last photo.

  3. So many beautiful quilts!
    Macy and Mattie look to be best friends.
    I love that the Estes are making memories. I hope thay can make many more.
    I love that last photo, too!!! I just may have to steal it.
    Hugs :)