Sunday, February 7, 2016

Slowly, slowly

Slow Stitching with Kathy today on #11 of Words to Live By....
resulted in one more completed block.

And then it was on to this mess...
and pressing forward has been slow and steady today.   I am determined to have all of the dog beds and dog bed covers that I have materials for completed and the space clean by bedtime tonight.  Take out pizza for dinner and pushing on.
I need this to be done...I have been overwhelmed with all of this mess, and I just need to have it done and out of here. I have loved being able to give these dog beds, praying as I make each one that some homeless, frightened, lonely dog will find comfort from it. But I need a break. I am making many more covers from donated fabrics, and will share them with others to fill. And I will fill more from my scrap, but not on the same scale as before.  Help me to keep this bow fresh in my mind.

Take Care,


  1. Such beautiful stitching!
    You have been a saint to so many furbabies!!!
    Speaking of furbabies, how is Miss Maddie?
    Hugs :)

  2. You have done an awesome job helping the animals and agree you do need to take a break.

  3. Oh yes. Your saying totally hit home with me this morning.:)

  4. Your stitching is beautiful. Your quote: Yes! Sometimes I start the morning thinking I can conquer everything on my to-do list, but by the time I finish a shower and stitch for half an hour, I know I can only hope to accomplish the least things on the list. (I'm getting old.)
    Nancy. (ndmessier @,

  5. This is a beautiful stitchery. I'm still just gathering enough wool. I can so relate to this quote!

  6. Great saying - I know that feeling so well! Your stitching is very pretty. :-)

  7. Love this saying... so true!
    I am working on some dog beds myself and need to get them sewn together and to the humane society!