Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Back Again

It is unusual for me to have more than one post in a month, much less in a week. However, that is the case. You see, I had snapped a few pics in preparation for a blog post when the tornado hit.  Thus, you have the intended post now.

There is progress on Prudence. 

What fun this is to hook. Someone commented that it didn’t look scrappy. Here is the motif that I am currently hooking. You can definitely see that it is scrappy. 

This is the background wool. A great light plaid called Cotton. I am not a huge fan of light backgrounds, but I love how this ones makes the motifs pop.

While cleaning out my quilting fabric closet, I came across this bin of strings.
My inclination was to toss them, but then I remembered these blocks.  (Why does this never fail to happen???)

Anyway, I loved them when I made the first three. So I made another. Now I have a plan. And when I complete that plan, I will toss whatever is left. 

I finished this quilt top a couple of years ago and just got around to taking it to the longarmer. Now it is bound and on the couch, ready for us to enjoy. 

Thought you might enjoy seeing my newest collection along with the little cross stitch pillow I made to go with them. 

The chart is by Brenda Gervais/With Thy Needle and Thread  using the called for floss and I really can’t recall the linen. Faye Rigsbee, Carolina Stitcher, did the finishing. Love how bright and cheery these are. 

Here is Sara Ashley at a fraternity formal in Savannah. 

And Jackson’s Confirmation Class on Sunday. 

Can you relatešŸ„“

Take Care,


  1. Prudence is such a nice design and you're right, the white makes the color pop. I think that black would also work because those are such gorgeous jewel colors. They pop on their own.

    Your little button cross stitch pillow is adorable. What a lovely quilt and those blocks are so well made. That is something I need to practice doing if I ever get spare time. There's always so many projects that I could work on but spring gets busy because of gardening.

    Congratulations on the newly confirmed and Sarah Ashely is looking gorgeous.

  2. I for one am happy to see another post.
    Oh, Prudence is just wonderful. It sure doesn't look fun to!
    Someone looks very guilty sitting on your quilt blocks :-)
    I have a collection of tomato pincushions, too, but not a fun pinkeep to go with it.
    I shop faster than I hook, applique, stitch...sigh.

  3. You have so much "fun" packed into this post you could have gone for 3 or 4 posts this month! Prudence is looking beautiful. Whoever said it doesn't look "scrappy" was right, but I do see it now close up. The quilt is gorgeous...and I am amazed that you made another beautiful block out of those fabric scraps. Nope, I am not the best quilter in the crowd LOL. Beautiful Ashley!! ~Robin~

  4. so glad to see another post. your blocks are love along with your finished quilt. I love your rug a great way to use up pieces.

  5. Scrappy doesn't fit the look as I love that slight variance of color and texture. Makes the design much more interesting and individual than using the same piece of wool in those sections. I can definitely relate too!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful crafts!!! I love quilts but I never have had the patience for that particular craft. I did the Brenda Gervais piece as well and I have it on display in my living room. I have been seeing people making tomatoes and strawberries on Floss Tube and now I am thinking I might need some as well.:)

  7. Loved the saying. So true for me. LOL Your quilt blocks are amazing and am also loving Prudence. We went to Savannah once. What a beautiful old town...and full of ghosts. Janice

  8. Maybe its' because I'm just so used to seeing scrappy fabric combinations that I didn't even notice that your hooked rug was scrappy until you pointed it out. It's beautiful.
    My problem is that I sew faster than I quilt. And, well, maybe that I buy faster than I sew.