Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This and That

I’ve been working on a bit of this and that the past week.

The Elizabeth A Wenden sampler is a delight to work on. Nothing too difficult, so it is easy to watch Netflix at night with DH and stitch.
Not that I haven’t had to frog a few stitches....lol.

Mattie is glad to keep my feet warm.

I’ve also stitched all 12 Happy Hexies for month two...

All done, just in time, as month three arrived in the mail today.

Block set nine of Liberty Periodical is also finished.

And I have made progress on Winter Buddies!

Good advice.

Take Care, 


  1. I'd like to bend down and kiss Mattie on the side of her muzzle ~ that's what I used to do to my furry companions. Those hands of yours sure do stay busy accomplishing many different tasks. Progress on your deer is coming along nicely!!!!

  2. You are busy lady! I love hand work at night with Clay - watching football (always hate for the season to end) or a movie or my favorite Rally! Love Labs - they are so lovable. Hugs