Saturday, November 30, 2019

Goodbye November

I have to admit that being at the end of November has slipped up on me. Maybe it is because Thanksgiving was so  late in the month. At any rate , the 30th is our agreed upon date for posting our Mary Brown blocks.
This is my progress....
These three blocks are on the opposite top two rows from my initial blocks. The corner bird blocks are identical other than being mirror image, and the colors are reversed for the bird and flower. Stitching these was my November OMG. You can linkup at Elm Street Quilts to see what everyone else accomplished. 
As you can see, I need to stitch another block(sunflowers) in order to easily trim, join them and appliqué the vines.  That will be my 
December OMG, as well as my Mary Brown goal.  Be sure to take a peek to see what other Mary Brown participants are doing......

Karen -
Julie K-
Cathy B-
Nanette Chopin Cook-

Here are my cross stitch finishes....

This little guy is a Prairie Schooler Santa. He finishes at about 2 1/2” by 3” and I plan to finish him as a tag ornament. Hopefully I can follow the instructions and make it happen.

This is my sampler finish......

Elizabeth Wenden 1864 by Gi Gi R.  Hope to take it for framing this week.

Friend Elizabeth’s Glorious Gardens....

Quilted and nearly bound!!

Jackson attended NHS football camp with his buds this week. Each received a NHS basketball.

He was a happy camper.

Macy and bff Dani hanging out downtown .....

Christi and kids......


SA’s Senior photo shoot.

Take Care, 


Julie K -     
Cathy B -    
Robin -     
Nanette Chopin Cook -  



  1. You don't have idle hands, that's for sure. Progress on many crafts. Such a beautiful family. Yes, November slipped away quite fast and suspect so will December.

  2. I love your blocks. I love your choice of fabrics. Great family photos. Hugs

  3. How in the heck do you get so much done? I am envious.
    Love your little PS Santa. I have many of their charts. Some day...sigh.
    Love all the family pics, especially SA's senior shoot. Two beauties.

  4. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.