Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is the reason................

I am feeling more successful in my approach to projects:

My nicely organized, new sewing room "studio". It is so good to
finally, after a year, have all of my things unpacked (well, almost
all......I have to admit, that I am still working on getting a few things organized) and within my reach. It was a little shocking to realize how many things I actually have that are UFOs, and even more that are PIGS!!! And most of them are actually things that I still like and want to finish/work on. I am just not ready to turn them loose yet.......even though there are a few things that, when finished I am sure will become charity quilts. I still feel inclined to finish them. We'll see what happens. At any rate, I feel so fortunate to finally have a wonderful place to work on my projects. Sure makes it easier to be able to put my hands on what I need! I really have no more excuses to not "Just Do It".

DH has a nice "Library" adjacent to my sewing area. He is able to do his genealogy research there while I am busy stitching. We also have a family room, kitchen, dining area and bath in this basement area. It was more than worth the wait to get it done. Now, to get it decorated and hurry for that, though. It will get done when it gets done.



  1. there is just waaaaaaaaaaay to much room in this sewing area.. I need to come over and fix that.. wait till a new project comes your way.. it is a lovely space..