Sunday, December 29, 2019

Some December Progress

Despite the holiday busyness, a few things have been accomplished on the hooking and stitching front.  So, here’s a little show and tell.

First Snowflake is stitched and ready for me to fully finish. Picked up a nice frame at Hobby Lobby yesterday. Hope I can do it justice. It is a birthday gift for a dear friend who collects deer. No pun intended.

My progress on Mary Oakley. Started this one Christmas night. The floss and pattern were a gift from Ashley. I am stitching one over two on 40 ct Wren linen with called for overdyes. I started it on 36 ct, but wasn’t happy with the coverage. 

I am moving right along on The Reader. Note that I have totally avoided hooking anything on Roxie. I pulled out the book page three times before I was satisfied with it.....not my norm.

Couldn’t resist ordering the Uffindell Sisters by Hands Across the Seas Samplers. To read about these amazing samplers, go here and 

Ms Debi made this adorable snow guy and stuffed him with goodies, including the super cute scissors!

Poor Daisy is all tuckered out from the holiday doings...sweet girl.

I think that I recognize myself here....

Take Care, 


  1. I sure did like that Sharon Smith design, I like all her designs. Am so glad you are changing the dog to be the image of our baby and can't wait to see it all done.

  2. I've never seen your blog before and now only because Julie gave a list of you guys participating in a group stitch (or something like that). I noticed your Caring Bridge and was shocked, as I always am, to see that your DH had a GBM like mine did! Yes, it IS supposed to be rare but I guess when you've experienced it, others find you. Mine's been gone for nearly 7 1/2 yrs and only lived the normal 1 yr after diagnosis. His 1 year was a struggle (4 brain surgeries) and I'm still very angry and lonely without him.

  3. I think you are already awesome!!!
    You have been so productive. I love that new sampler you started. 40 count??? I don't think I could do that. I think 30 is about my limit.
    Molly looks a lot like Daisy. It's hard being that cute.
    Health and happiness to you and Blake in 2020.