Saturday, December 28, 2019

It Was Christmas

Hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone, and I never stopped to blog. So you are going to get it all in one fell swoop.

The Sunday before Christmas with the Horne and  Estes families ...

Christmas Eve with the Cates and Adcock families...

2019 Christmas card.....

And some of our decor......

Hope that your holidays were as blessed as ours.

Take Care,


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your Dec. 13th post, Jennie. Such lovely projects and exactly what I love too. It sounds like your Christmas went very well. And you are so right, it is about family and friends when it comes down to it all. Happy New Year to you and yours from me outside Ottawa, Canada.

  2. Love the red and black vest and shirt you two gals are wearing; I have a turtleneck like that and if I wasn't already dressed would put it on. You two rock in it.

    Have you ever watched The Elf movie (your grandson was wearing the sweatshirt), it was a cute and funny movie. And of course the Christmas card is delightful and glad you added the pups.

  3. I hope this one makes it - 3rd time! You do such beautiful hand work! Cross stitch is hard! Happy New Year!