Monday, April 7, 2014

Where to Begin

It has been almost two months since I blogged.........for countless reasons, none of them bad. So much life happening......memories being made, business, and some plain old lethargy. The longer I have waited, the harder it has been to restart. Where do I begin, how can I possibly catch up?? Sunday night as I was waiting to fall asleep I pondered this. The answer was pretty simple.  You just start again. You don't worry about what you can add it whenever....but you just need to start. So here I am.

A few weeks ago we (actually it was me who decided, but don't tell Blake) that Buddy seemed depressed. He wasn't  playing and spent most of his time in his bed. He was accustomed to being around other foster pups, and our old ladies wouldn't play with him. I bet you know where this is going. Three weeks ago someone offered us a seven week old cocker spaniel puppy and the rest is history.  Buddy is a great big brother, and he and little sister Daisy play until they are completely worn out everyday.  These are early pictures.....newer ones later, of course, if I can get her still.

In February Christi and Rob renewed their wedding vows with Robert and Sara Ashley as their attendants.   They had their service in the same church where they were married and still attend today, followed by a great dessert reception.  It was beautiful, sweet and full of love. The bride was gorgeous and her groom handsome.....perhaps even more so than the first time.  Afterwards they invited extended family to spend time with them in the North GA mountains.

In March "Can't Never Could" had their first fundraiser. It was both successful and inspirational. A lot of work, but worth it.  Visit CNC here ( )and be sure to click on the top video. It was produced for the Marketing Department of Piedmont Hospital and tells the story of their cancer journey and the beginning of CNC.  

Rob's March MRI was the best yet, praise God! This photo is of Rob and UGA's football coach, Mark Richt, made last week when the NHS tennis team visited UGA.

Robert made the Varsity tennis team as a freshman and has really been enjoying it.

Christopher and Dillon celebrated April birthdays on Sunday at Chili's. Dillon got his Learner's Driving Permit.....Yikes ;-)

Matt, Ashley and kids are spending Spring Break at the beach.

As for Blake and me, we are good.  Happily busy, enjoying our retirement and being able to choose the things we do for the most part. Yesterday was my birthday. I will spend most of the week celebrating with various dear friends and family. I am blessed beyond measure.

Will follow sometime soon with some stitching "catch up".

Spring Rain
Dogwoods blooming
Family and Friends

Take care,


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm happy to be reading you again. The photos are all wonderful. Hugs

  2. It was good to hear all the news Jennie. I miss you lots and a late happy birthday to you. Hugs!