Friday, December 31, 2021

Some Christmas Goodies

Always bringing up the rear, but I finally took some photos of my Christmas stitching last night. 

Two from Pineberry Lane which were finished last year and fully finished this year. The middle one is from Lori Holt’s stitch cards and was completely finished this year.!

They are fashioned in a Rae Dunn Christmas bowl and surrounded by felt balls from Feltpod on Etsy. 

This cutie was completely finished this year to go with my new Santa Mug collection. 

Design is Tis the Season by Stitching with the Housewives. The frame is from Hobby Lobby and had some sort of saying behind the xstitch. 

Woodland Santa all mounted on an easel and standing beside my xstitch tree. 

Cross stitch on perforated paper all mounted to little sled ornaments. Completely finished this year.

The lower ones are from Anniebeez and the top ones from Foxwood Crossings. 

Prairie Schoolers and Blackbird Designs stockings. 

All but six of the Prairie Schooker designs completely finished this year. The other six stitched last year and fully finished this year. 

 The new crossstitch tree.

Our big tree. 

Mattie and Buddy. 

Casper and Daisy. 

The cousins. Oh my, how grown up they are. 

Our free spirit♥️

Wishing you the very best New year!!!
Take Care,