Sunday, September 19, 2021

Another Rainy Day

We have had so much rain here. Pretty much all summer, and now. I shouldn’t complain, because we generally don’t have enough. But I would like to do some yard work now that it’s cooled off. It won’t likely happen this week,as it looks as though it will continue to rain for several more days. Oh well, that means that I can stitch more. 

I have finally finished First Grade Flowers. I love this rug!!

Everything except the background is from my worms. You can’t tell that I used a single thing out of that basket. But I have another scrap rug going up next. This one has been blocked and will hopefully get bound this week. Determined to get some things fully finished. 

I am hoping to get this cute quilt done in time to enjoy for Halloween. 

My progress, thus far. Thirty three of the required ninety  9 patches done and the strip sets done for the rest. 

These fabrics are so stinking cute. 

Stitched Autumn by Country Rustic Primitives on a mystery linen. I think it is 32 count. 

Now to make it into a Pinkeep for my Fall decor(which is still in tubs in the garage😬).

Here is my progress on Louisa Coulimore. 

I am pretty happy with this. 

This is where I was not so long ago. I am over half done now. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m not in a rush. Besides, I am down to the fun stuff now. 

It is Sampler September on Instagram. So what do I have the urge to stitch????

Yes, Prairie Schooler Santas. Just can’t help myself. There is something so classic about these guys. 

We celebrated little Casper’s third gotcha year this week. 

How lucky we are to have had the privilege of rescuing this sweet, smart boy. 

Friday was Parents’ Day at Sara Ashley’s sorority at Clemson. 

Christi, SA and Christi’s fiancé, John. Yes, we are excited for them. A November wedding is planned as that will be the anniversary of dating a year. SA and Robert like him. and Rob’s mom introduced them to each other. 

I recognize this🤣🤣🤣

Take Care,


  1. Wow am I impressed! you are very productive you have made great use of your rainy days.
    Lovely pictures of your daughter

  2. We have had such a rainy summer...up until now (although we here in Nod no longer really consider it "summer"...but there hasn't been a hard, hard, freeze yet, so close enough). I need some rainy days to catch up on things. Heck...that won't even help...who am I kidding. Your "First Grade Flowers" is one of the best rugs I've seen done from worms and scraps. Wow! And I love all of Jenny's patterns...I am surprised I haven't done this one yet. You have made incredible progress on Louisa.... It is absolutely stunning. Happy Gotcha Anniversary to you all and Casper. I am thinking you both have been blessed. Sara Ashley and Christi are so beautiful...and they look so very happy. If only we could bottle that!! ~Robin~

  3. Wish I was as productive as you have been. Love the colors of your hooked rug. Great pics too of your sweet gal! Janice

  4. Lovely post with all your projects and what a beautiful family. Beautiful daughter. Hugs

  5. I love your new rug. It is so fun with the whimsical blue flowers. Congrats on the finish!
    Happy Gotcha Day to Casper. He's a cutie.
    And congratulations to your daughter and her fiance. How exciting!
    Your cartoon reminded me of a joke I heard a while ago. I was going to type it out for you but found it (in a slight variation) online. You can read it here:

  6. I am in love with Louisa...and Casper. He is too stinkin' cute. He won the rescue lottery when you showed up.
    Great pic of Christi and SA.
    I am so happy for Christi. That is just wonderful news!!!

  7. Enjoyed your post Jennie the Halloween quilt is so cute

  8. We have one of those "pre-rinse" cycles (or maybe it should be cyclones) too, lol! You are a multi-talented stitcher! Love the rug and your red and white sampler is just wonderful.