Monday, September 13, 2021

A New Week

Time certainly flies and it is hard to believe that it’s already mid September! How did that happen? The days are getting shorter and there is the tiniest hint of Fall in the air. I can hardly wait for my favorite season to arrive. 

Blake and I are busy this week helping with exhibit check ins for our county fair. Covid caused last year’s fair to be cancelled , and I feared it would be the same this year. But, alas, it is moving forward. It is fun to check in the exhibits each year and see what everyone is up to. Lots of inspiration.  On Wednesday I will be on the judging team for Youth Handicrafts. Not an easy job, as they mostly work hard on their items and I hate to disappoint. 

I have finally finished hooking Woodland Santa aside from a little tweaking of the eye on the right. 

Next comes the job of figuring out how to finish the back in order to fit him on the nice easel stand that friend Laura’s husband made. 

Next up I completed the wool applique cat hanging. 

I wish that I had used a flat strip of wood rather than the round dowel to make him lay flat. Next time…,

Got the first Stacy Nash club piece in the mail from Country Sampler. Along with the cute pedestal for mounting. 

It looks like fun and is beautifully kitted…as is everything from Country Sampler. 

Our garden is done for the season barring the okra, which always comes in late. 

There’s plenty for eating and freezing. 

It’s hard to believe that this sweet boy has been with us for three full years!!

Thanks for visiting and….
Take Care,


  1. Yes fall is coming and the garden is winding down. I'm looking forward to having less veggies on the counter.

    Your Woodland Santa is gorgeous. Tweaking the eyes can be a bit tricky but I'm sure you'll do a great job.

    Your miniature Schnauzer looks adorable.

    Have a happy week and good luck with the judging at the fair. I don't envy you the job just because of the reason you gave.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Was hoping you would notice that right eye, good for you. He is very handsome and love the colors you chose. Don't know how wide your sleeve is but I've used yard sticks before or maybe even a flat piece of wood molding? Sweet pup is looking lovingly at you mom.

  3. The fair judging has to be a tough job. How wonderful of you to do it.
    Love, love, love your Woodland Santa!!!
    Casper (it is Casper, right?) is just adorable. Looks like he was just bathed and groomed.

  4. Oh my...your Santa is amazing!! I'm in love. Please do post a photo of him on the have me curious about the finish now. go your first Stacy Nash club kit finally??? I have been waiting patiently (not sure why as I have so many "fall-ish" project at the top of the list already. But, seriously?? I'm in Wisconsin....CS is in Wisconsin.... Grrr! Have fun at the fair...I haven't been to one in years. Sigh.... ~Robin~

  5. I agree. How have we got to September already? This year has flown. Your Santa is magnificent and love all of the textures in this piece . Your wool applique is as sweet as can be and makes me smile. I am looking forward to seeing your Stacy Nash stitch - Great haul. Have a blessed week, Jennie

  6. I hate that September is passing by so quickly as it is my favorite month... You will still have some nice warm weather though down your way! I LOVE your Santa--really so detailed and special. And your other projects looks great as well. Enjoy this last half of September, Jennie!

  7. Your Woodland Santa is just breathtaking amazing! All of the colors are so perfect! Janice

  8. Love, love, love your Woodland Santa!