Monday, June 14, 2021

Hello Monday

Today started out hot and dry, so I got the grass cutting done. A good thing, because a thunderstorm wasn’t far behind. 

I’ve jumped all around the past couple of weeks and haven’t taken photos of much, but I do have a little bit to share.

The first weekend of the month I worked on the Blackbird Designs Weekend SAL. Sticking with the Sewing Club book, I started In My Garden, which will be another pindrum. 

I loved stitching on this gingham linen. By the end of the weekend I was a bit further along than this photo shows.
This is the photo from the book of the completed drum. Love it. 

Catherine Dickienson came home from Total Framing. I am most pleased with her. 

On a recent antiquing trip I ran into these hooked rugs.

It is fairly unusual to find them in the south. They weren’t in great condition, but were charming nonetheless. 

It is not common that my dogs choose to share a bed, but Buddy and Daisy were all about it last week.

Christopher helped us to build a flower bed.

Macy went to Panama City FL for a church camp. This is girlfriend Sophie with her. 

Jackson went on his first charter fishing trip in Charleston.

And his team won the Championship at their baseball tournament.

Take Care,


  1. Love the cross stitch and those rugs are pretty cool! I assume they are now living with you?
    Congrats to Jackson and his team and that looks like a prize winning fish.
    Macy looks like she was having a good time.
    What a cool flower bed. Be sure to share it filled.

  2. I borrowed those photos of the antique rugs which, one day you will see again on my blog, thanks. Wow, congrats on the baseball championship and what a nice fish Jackson caught; was that a feast or return? Hope Macy had a great time at camp.

  3. I have never seen this gingham cross stitch material. Where did you get it. Looks wonderful! Enjoyed reading all about the kiddos too. Janice

  4. Love your start on the pin drum....I really haven't met many BBD designs I don't love and want to do. I finally started a list of patterns and books I have as I almost bought duplicates several times. Congrats to Jackson on the championship....a memory and achievement he will treasure his entire life. Love that flower bed!!!! I, too, hope you show us a photo of it planted. Your summer is off to a busy start it sounds. ~Robin~

  5. I love that first rug as I'm partial to black border for some reason. Some lucky finds.

    Your cross stitch pieces are lovely.

    Wow! that's some big fish. Jackson must be so proud of his catch.
    Congratulations to Jackson for winning the championship. He's having a good start to summer.

    Nice flowerbed. It will be even nicer filled with flowers.

    Happy Flag Day.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Your cross stitch is beautiful. Wow...what a huge fish. Hugs

  7. The kids look happy and busy. You also have been very busy. I love the old rugs I glued mine to a very thin board to stabilize it. If you touched it it just fell apart. It has been hanging on my porch wall for years and years.

  8. That will be a beautiful drum when finishes, Jenny! I have yet to get up my courage to tackle one :) And your piece from Total Framing is gorgeous. I'm waiting patiently for three framed pieces to return home (next month I hope!) that I sent to them in March...

    Those rugs are so pretty--did you purchase them both? Looks like your grandkids are having busy and fun summers--so nice to see the kids out enjoying life a bit more normally this year! Enjoy the week ahead!

  9. Your pindrum will be wonderful. I admire your tiny, perfect stitches.
    Catherine Dickinson framed is beautiful. Your choice for the frame is spot on.
    I love the snow scene hooked rug. I practically feel winter when looking at it.
    That's some big fish Jackson caught!