Sunday, April 25, 2021

Another Week

Yet another week has record speed as usual. How does retirement time go by in record speed, while our work weeks seemed to creep by. 

I will share some of what was accomplished this week.

First Grade Flowers showed a little progress.

While I would love to hook all of those cute posies first, I know that I don’t want to have to go back and hook all of that background. 

Next I fully finished these sweet cross stitch bowl fillers. 

I had finished the cross stitch the week of Easter, but didn’t get around to fully finishing them. I will leave them out year around. The pattern is by Country Rustic Primitives on Etsy. 
They are stitched on an 18 ct Aida from Hobby Lobby with some DMC from stash, then sprayed with distressing spray from Primitive Gatherings. Aida isn’t my normal choice to stitch on, but I wanted to show my friend that you can stitch on something besides linen and still get a great result. 

I didn’t need another project, but when I saw this cute sew along from 
Jeni at the Woolen Willow, I couldn’t resist. 

The first three blocks are completed....

And the remaining six are prepped and ready to stitch. Everything from my stash. 

That top wonky flower block is so cute that I could make a whole quilt using it. 

I collect wall favorites are bird and dog themed. I found this cutie while out antiquing recently. 

Jackson’s baseball team won another tournament last weekend. 

These boys love to play ball. 

Take Care,


  1. My goodness, you have been very busy this week, Jennie with the sweetest projects and such variety. Looking forward to seeing more of First Grade Flowers and your wool applique is just darling. Have a very lovely week.

  2. Love that First Grade Flowers rug! It's brighter than most hooked rugs.... and since I'm moving away from the primitive decor.... I just might have to hook a First grade Flowers rug! ;-) Of course... that Woolen Willow quilt looks mighty cozy and a fun stitch too! And yes, there are many more option out there to stitch on other than linen. I've been enjoying a 32 ct Jobelan and also the 25 and 32 count Lugana. Both are evenweaves and so easy to stitch on. I almost gave up on cross stitch completely, until I tried something other than linen... and now I love the craft again! :-) Whatever you do, enjoy the process! :-) Love that little goat... some days are like that!

  3. Your appliqué work is perfection. Such fine stitches. The only appliqués I've done have been quilts. It would be fun to see your your wall pocket collection.

    I love your beautiful display of crosses and cross stitch symbols of faith and grace. It's perfect for year round display for sure.

    I bet the boys are proud that their team won the tournament. Congratulations to them.

    Hugs, Julia.

  4. You have certainly filled every minute of your time! you have been very productive and all wonderful.
    I can't wait to retire my husband is always saying be careful what you wish for. That goat is right I get to the top of the stairs and think now what did I come up here for?
    have a great week

  5. Quilt blocks looking good; that I could handle but not those tiny rectangles to sew, OY! You can tell those boys like to slide into base, lol.

  6. Good morning! Your blocks are lovely. I've done a bit of wool work, but my stitches sometimes look like a squirrel on drugs did the stitching. LOL I have been known to to to the garage to find something in the freezer for dinner...forgot what I was looking for...start a load of clothes...water flowers in the garden...and completely forget to pull something for dinner and end up having a frozen pizza. LOL I'm beginning to work on smalls for my home. Years of stitching and somehow never got around to stitching for myself. Have a great week!

  7. Lovely post Jennie.what are wall pockets I haven’t seen them before?

  8. You are always so darn productive!!! I don't know how you get so much done.
    Please show us your collection of wall pockets. Something I am not familiar with. Now I will have to be on the lookout to see if I can find any.
    That goat meme is spot on!!!

  9. You do such beautiful work, Jennie--so very glad to have discovered your blog! I find the rug hooking fascinating and your little cross stitch pillows are so simple, but elegant at the same time. Hope you have an enjoyable last bit of April--so hard to believe May is nearly here!

  10. Oh, my goodness, your Woolen Willow blocks are wonderful! I love their primitive playfulness, and your fabric choices enhance that so much. (I would comment on your other projects but the photos didn't load completely. I'm sure they are lovely, too.)