Friday, January 10, 2020

Quilty UFO Plan

I read about this UFO busting plan here.  Projects Half Done in 2020.
I figured it was worth a shot. You set up a group of UFOs that you would like to finish (nothing new here) and also agree to finish any starts made in the current year (unless it is a sal or BOM that extends into the next year). You can switch out the UFOs you finish, but you need to be finishing things. There is a Linky check in twice a month (1st & 15th) over at to help with accountability. I am in. I will try anything. I will not count all of my quilting UFOs, but I will list these 14.

1. Hearts by Sarah Edgar Pretty Fabrics and Trims.

Started in 2019; requires 120 blocks; 48 blocks completed. My fabrics from stash.

2. Pecking Order by Missouri Star Quilt Company

Started in 2019; needs borders. Had to order border fabric (below), put top away and never finished. My fabrics from stash/ ordered border as nothing in stash suitable.

3. Farm Girl Sampler by Lori Holt started 2015.

Requires 48  six inch finished blocks.
Started assembling Row 1; 4 of 6 blocks finished and joined; 11 other blocks completed. Needs 33 more blocks, setting and borders. Fabrics from stash except green pin dot background and setting.

4. Home Sampler by Kathy Schmitz, started 2018, I think.

Embroidery with Valdani thread. Nearly finished with embroidery; will pull fabric to make a small wall hanging. All will be from stash including thread.

5. Milkweed, pattern by Michelle McKillop, BOM from Homestead Hearth, started 2018.

Completed 4 of 12 Flower and 1/2 Flower blocks using kitted fabrics except for Flower block centers, which I have salvaged from old embroidered linens. Have completed just a few of the 320 -2/12” pinwheels required.

6.  10th Anniversary PG SAL, started 2014.

I had totally forgotten about this one. Looks like I only completed the sweet little wool appliqué block in the center and pulled fabric from stash for the rest.

7. Oak Leaves and Pomegranates BOM from Jan Patek, started 2012.

This one is machine appliquéd using buttonhole stitch. 7 blocks are finished, 5 are prepped and one is still in the package. 

This is the only photo I could find of the finished quilt.

8. Levens Hall by Kim McLean, started 2018.

This is where I am on it. It is EPP. All of the blocks are made and I need to finish construction.

9.  Liberty Periodical by Sarah Edgar Pretty Fabrics and Trims, started 2019.

This is where I was a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve finished two more appliqué and pieced blocks. I lack 3 more pieced blocks and 2 hand appliquéd blocks, then construction. I purchased the pink linen and the Liberty fabrics came as a BOM.

10. God Bless America by Temecula Quilt Shop, started 2019.

All of the 388 1/2 sq triangles are made and the sections are mostly assembled. These were all from my scrapsaver stash system.

The finishing kit came from Temecula. It is cut and ready to sew. The kit was short some fabric that I had to wait for, I put it aside and you know the rest.

11.  Snowflake Angel by Crabapple Hill, started maybe 2016.

Bought everything for this one and only made a tiny start on the embroidery.

12. Prairie Burgoyne, BOM from Temecula Quilts, started 2014. 

Finished the pieced blocks and assembled last year and started appliqué. Lack border appliqué and construction of top.

13. Santa Please Stop Here BOM by Sarah Edgar Pretty Fabrics and Trims.

Started 2019, First two months of nine done. Multiple techniques used including  hand appliqué , EPP, embroidery, and machine piecing.

14. BBD Baskets, started a long time ago.

Will add some 9 patches and a few more plain blocks, then a little appliqué on the border and call it done.

This is a pretty hefty list. I organized these UFOs together in my cubbies so that I don’t have to search for them.I also have a few ongoing projects that I am working on. More on those in another post.

This beautiful girl.....

Was accepted into her number one choice of colleges today....the University of Colorado/ Boulder! So far away, but she is so excited. And I am very proud of her.

Take Care,


  1. WOW! WOW! WOW! So many beautiful quilts in progress, but you are making my head spin and I don't even quilt!
    Do we get to see your hooking UFOs next?
    Congrats to Sara Ashley. She is a beauty for sure...inside and out :)

  2. Quite a hefty plan!!! Your #14 looks like Jo Morton baskets I did a long time ago.... did not finish will have to find..... and add to a couple of your other items. You must sew many hours a day.......

  3. Congratulations to your granddaughter! How wonderful for her, though I know you and her mom will miss her.
    You have some fabulous quilts in progress. I love your Oak Leaves and Pomegranates and your little baskets. You could do a quick finish with the baskets and alternate with the same fabric. I've recently noticed some older quilts with alternate plain blocks and like them a lot. Best wishes for making great progress this year, Jennie!