Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Resurrection from 2014

Having enjoyed making the little Christmas Burgoyne Surrounded quilt so much, it made me think back into the recesses of this poor memory of mine to another quilt I had started by the same name. Yes, there it was, neatly boxed and labeled.  This quilt.....

Yes, you are reading that correctly. A BOM from Temecula Quilt Company, October of 2014:-(.
 This was their antique inspiration quilt...

Beautiful, but so glad they didn’t go for all of those grapes. Here is their version...

And this is how far along I got before putting it away...

Three blocks. I have no idea why I stopped. I have nine blocks and an appliqued border left.

Tonight I got these out...

Read over the instructions and made some progress in getting the remaining blocks cut.

Here I go, one more time.

Found on FB....

Take Care,


  1. That is going to be another stunning quilt!
    I love the picture and saying you found on FB. So true. I may have to "borrow" that from you.

  2. lol! It's funny... the treasures we find when we shop in our own homes? :-) I'll be cheering you on for a finish! This quilt will be beautiful! Love that "Choose Joy" pic...it is sooooo true!