Monday, January 7, 2019

Finally, Finishes!!

Christmas was wonderful, with family and friends. I got the decorations up before the last minute and down before the new year. I have already broken my NY’s resolutions...which is why I rarely make them. And my word for the year has already been a bust. Perhaps I should choose another or just hit reset. It is only the 7th, after all. I will think on it.

In December I FINALLY bound Homespun Medallion and my daughter was able to put it on her table at the farm. She loves it and I am so pleased.

After the first I finished two quilt tops and am hoping that I can keep the momentum going.

First of all was Flowers by Linda Brannock, which was a BOM with my Prim Yahoo group.

My first needle turn appliqué in a very long time.

And I got the Temecula Secret Santa top finished, so hopefully I will be able to enjoy it this coming Christmas!
Both of these were made entirely from stash!!

Took a class at InTown last month for Wildflower may recognize it as the traditional Nosegay Block. We are EPPing the block using our own stashes of non traditional fabrics. I am using Moda grunge dots for the holders, mostly Kaffe’s for the flowers and low volumes for the backgrounds. This will definitely be a project that I work on sporadically (because I am already on project overload), but I do love the two blocks that I have completed.

Today I prepped Months 3&4 of Pretty Priscilla. Fell behind at Christmas, but this will catch me up.

Did a little kidsitting last week and Macy decided she wanted to learn to English paper piece. I was thrilled and she did a great job.

She has requested a sewing kit, so I am working on that. And yes, she’s a lefty.

Mattie definitely enjoyed the Christmas tree....

The grands....

SA at her Christmas semi formal..

Celebrating Dave’s birthday and heart transplant anniversary...

Couldn’t agree more!

Take Care,


  1. Happy Healthy Anniversary. Must admit I have no idea what the heck English Paper Piecing is. No wonder your daughter was happy with that Medallion hooked runner ~ anyone would be but now it is an heirloom made by her mom.

  2. Love those nosegay fabrics. Happy b-day and transplant day. That is definitely something to celebrate. You have beautiful grandkids! Glad you are a very involved in their lives. Happy 2019. Just hit reset on those resolutions. :)

  3. That rug is PERFECT for your daughter's table!!! Lucky her.
    Macy knows more about quilting than I
    Sara Ashley is just drop dead gorgeous.
    Happy birthday and transplant day, Dave.

  4. The table rug is gorgeous! I'm not sure I'd have been able to gift it, though an appreciative recipeient would help. A bit of FYI, in case Macy decides she loves needlework and wants to explore embroidery - Yvette Stanton wrote a great book on embroidery for left handed stitchers. I *think* most of her books now include left hand instructions. I'm in no way affiliated.

  5. I realized that my Christmas table runner was years old so I am making a new one for next year while waiting for fabric to start a g-g a big girl quilt

  6. You're off to a fantastic start this New Year! Lovely finishes. It's so much fun when the younger generation becomes interested in our hobbies. You have a beautiful family! Andrea

  7. You're off to a fantastic start for the New Year!!! Resolutions schmesolutions....just relax and enjoy each day! :-)

  8. Your homespun Medallion is stunning and so beautiful. I was mildly surprised at reading about celebrating David's heart transplant. My husband of 44 yearrs just received a heart transplant at Tufts this past April 2018. I hope all is going well for you all.