Friday, November 23, 2018

Post Thanksgiving Blogpost

Much has transpired since my last post. Life continues to be busier than I ever expected, and sometimes more so than I would wish. Today has been a lovely day of rest, with naps and a bit of stitching involved.

The Linda Brannock Flowers QAL with my Prim Folkart group is drawing to a close. I have one appliqué Block to complete before the end of the month. Because I had fallen miserably behind, I have already completed three blocks this month in addition to making the remainder of the half square setting triangles.

This pic doesn’t show where I am now, but is close. I can possibly get the final appliqué Block done by the end of the month. If I do, completing the setting should be a breeze. Then in December I will add the border.

I started the Milkweed BOM through Homestead Hearth last month. The pattern is by Michelle McKillop of the Jen Kingwell Collective. 

It is a bit different from anything I have done before and I love it. Michelle has used vintage embroidered linens in hers, and though HH doesn’t provide them, I have plundered my collection and will add them also. It was one of the things that drew me to this quilt.

I won’t add them to the edge units, as you can see above.

I also started Pretty Priscilla, an EPP project from Sara Edgar Pretty Fabrics and Trims. Here are the first four blocks....

Love her fabric selections. I am working on the next four today....

And since I really needed another EPP project, I took a class from Mary Lou at InTown Quilters and Yarns last weekend. The class was a take off on the traditional Nosegay quilt block using modern fabrics, and was dubbed Wildflower Bouquet.

My block uses Moda grunge dots for the vase and a variety of Kaffe’s for the flowers. I can tell that I will be making more of these. After all, I have a layer cake of assorted Moda grunge

We will finally post our Fat Eighth Quilts for the Fat Quarter Shop on the 28th. Seems there was an issue with fabric delivery at their end. 

The Grady Lunch Bunch girls drove to Newnan last week for our monthly get together. We enjoyed a great meal at Sprayberry’s and never stopped talking.

Our little man is settling in nicely with his new family.

And loves sharing his dad’s lap.

Hope that all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Take Care,


  1. Cannot imagine having more than one quilt in progress at a time. Sheesh, that is worse (in my opinion) than having more than on rug in progress at the same time.

    I'm envious of your husband who has three adorable dogs vying for his affection.

  2. My life in retirement is MUCH busier than I ever anticipated, too, but I am so thankful for it!
    Your quilting always amazes me. Beautiful!'m
    Oh, your furkids are just too sweet. They look so happy with the hubs.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving ❤️

  3. Your Linda Brannock Flowers background is very interesting. You are so close to being done. I still need to get mine quilted. I had made mine before the sew-along you have been participating in.

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