Friday, August 18, 2017

A Hooking Post

Seems my hooking posts are few and far between these days. I do spend more time on quilting projects, but I haven't abandoned the hooking.

I try to keep a small piece in the works to take with me to hooking groups, and Scrappy Chickens from Kathy Clark's Little Scrappers collection qualifies....

It will soon be finished and I already have another "little" on my mind.  And I do believe it will come out of this cute booklet filled with inspiration...

Filled with adorable artwork begging to be hooked or punched. Thanks for the inspiration, Kelley!!! By the way, you too can have this booklet for only twenty bucks by contacting Kelley using the info above.

My big project is Homespun Medallions and I am progressing, though slowly.

What a joy it is to work on!!! Especially since I have cleaned up my hooking corner and treated myself to a new, comfy chair.

Tonight there is no stitching or hooking, as I am spending the night with these guys...

Take Care,


  1. Homespun medallions is looking good and those chickens are F-U-N! Kathy has some great patterns.
    Happy Friday :)

  2. SO happy to see you posting pictures of your hooking and that you are back pulling loops again. Love both your projects and can't wait to see what you hook from Kelley's booklet.

  3. Your little birds are adorable! The pumpkins look perfect for autumn. Will you finish in time for fall or will it take longer? (That may be a silly question but I actually don't know how long it takes to hook a rug.)

  4. I'm just the opposite...have been hooking but not stitching, thinking about a scrappy log cabin...small so many to finish...looking forward to seeing which of my designs you those little chickens...