Monday, October 7, 2013

Seven became Eleven

On Saturday morning Sara Ashley and I did a little shopping.  Not your usual shopping spree, mind you.  You see, on the Saturday following the County Fair, 4-H Chicken Club members hold a big sale at Tractor Supply to sell some of their chickens, with all proceeds going to the 4-H Chicken Club.  The chickens are old enough to recognize pullets vs. roosters, and are healthy and good quality birds.  It is a win win situation for everyone.

And so, SA and I bought these two chickens, which she named.

This is Carrie Underwood, named after Sara Ashley's favorite country singer.

She is an Easter Egger and will lay either light blue or light green eggs like Puff does.

And this is Madison Short for Maddie.  Her name is a pun.  You see, SA has a friend named Madison Short.......and Maddie is a shortened name for Madison.  Pretty clever, SA.

Maddie is a White Laced Wyandotte and her feather pattern is gorgeous.

The first afternoon, she rewarded us with this lovely egg!!

After SA had a chance to shop in Tractor Supply for some treats and grooming supplies for her horses, it was time for her to go home so that she could go to Gay with her family.

Once I got home, I kept thinking that we really NEEDED a black chicken for the flock.  You see, Chloe was black, but she turned out to be a rooster and we gave her/him away, so we don't have a black chicken anymore.  Well, back to Tractor Supply I went, ending up with TWO more flock members.  I know, don't even go there...........

This is Scarlett, who has lovely black iridescent feathers and is very sweet.

Scarlett is a Black Langshan.
And finally, this is Speck, who is a rare breed Russian Orloff.

 She is quite odd looking, but oh so sweet and loves to be picked up and held.  

So, now the seven are eleven.  They are physically separated for the moment while they adjust to their new home and I am sure everyone is healthy.  They can all see each other so that they can become acquainted.  In a week or so, I will start the integration process.

God's unique creations......I mean, look at these girls!!
Making memories.
Sleeping with open windows at night.

Take care,


  1. They are beauties but I know nothing about keeping chickens. Like why did you not keep the rooster. And what do you do with all the eggs?

    1. Well, in the first year we ended up with five roosters!!! Roosters are very territorial and for our small flock, one is a gracious plenty. As for the eggs, we have five grown children between us who all live locally......and lots of friends who love fresh eggs. It is fun to have plenty for us and then to share :-))

  2. Your new ladies are gorgeous! Glad you and SA had a good time. Love that you have a unique variety of hens and eggs.

  3. LOL So pretty Jennie but couldn't you have made just......ONE more trip? LOL

  4. Sounds like chickens grow just as quickly as wool stashes!!!!! Love your new additions...and their names!